New year, new you?

I know, it’s been months, and I do apologise. While I have a post waiting in the wings that I’ve been meaning to put up lately, I think a more time sensitive one is necessary at the moment. I feel the world is getting jaded with the whole ‘new year, new me’ crap, that is often just a load of hot air. I’ve read various articles in print and online, basically telling New Year’s resolutions to feck off because it just leads to pressure to change followed by the feeling of failure.


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Drive-by blog post: My September/October blog recommendation

Ok, I know I seem to be making a habit out of doubling up on the months I do blog recommendations but what of it? They still get there in the end. So here’s my recommendations for September and October. Go check them out, they’re almost as cool as this one.

What to Know NowVicky Kavanagh

Everything from serious news and editorial content, to pictures of cats and funny fashion faux pas, this website is relatively new but there’s a constant flow of content with a journalism background to back it up. A good one to check out for information.



A t-shirt from a giveaway on

A t-shirt from a giveaway on

The NongenueKatie and Julie

While I try to seem like a crazy stalker girl, this blog is co-authored by a previous recommended blogger from the blog Sass & Balderdash. Although it is very new (it only launched at the end of September) I have faith in the writers and the posts that have gone up so far. Strong editorial comments on life and just a generally funny point of view.


More childhood nostalgia

As you all know, I am currently completing the mammoth task of cleaning out my room. While I am very good and put a stop to my hoader ways by throwing or giving away things that I’ve always kept but forgotten their existence until a big clean out, I kept almost everything in my memory box. TIP: If you’re doing a clean out, be sure to leave the memory stuff until last. It’ll only side track you, you could lose things in the rubble that surrounds you and also, it makes a nice treat to go through at the end of the clean out. I didn’t quite manage this but still. Continue reading

Drive- by post: My June blog recommendation

As promised, here is this month’s blog that I recommend you read and why.


The monthly appreciation for other blogs.

The monthly appreciation for other blogs.

Sass and Balderdash – Katie

The reason I like this blog is because, like many other blogs that I’ve recommended, it is funny. Most of her blogs are lighthearted and amusing observations (particularly inner conversations one might have with themselves in certain situations). But what makes this blog different is what I guess is the “sass” part of it. She does talk about things that could potentially be controversial. The post that brought me to her blog was one about ‘BS Feminism’. There are a lot of feminists in the blogging world and I respect that. They range in their thoughts and views, from the uncontroversial to the extreme. Katie is very vocal about her views on feminism and has probably rubbed several people up the wrong way but her views are not wild throwaway comments, more well-laid out points of view.

An appreciation for other blogs

I am sad and ashamed to admit that up until recently, I actually read very few blogs. I think from now on (WARNING: Possible unintentionally empty promise alert) I’m going to post about one blog each month that has stood out for me, a new blog every month that I have read and decided it is 100% worth a recommendation. No doubt it will be an advanced blog and I’m appealing to a smaller audience than they already have but still, it’s the sentiment that counts I think. Continue reading

“No offence, but…”

A more realistic view of what “no offence” means.

There are a lot of phrases I hear in everyday life that drive me up the wall. Nonsensical, useless phrases that offer no help, advice or useful information in any way. I think some are more of an Irish thing, while others are universal. Either way, they don’t go down well with me. Here are eight of the worst ones in my experience. Please refrain from saying them if possible. Continue reading