New year, new you?

I know, it’s been months, and I do apologise. While I have a post waiting in the wings that I’ve been meaning to put up lately, I think a more time sensitive one is necessary at the moment. I feel the world is getting jaded with the whole ‘new year, new me’ crap, that is often just a load of hot air. I’ve read various articles in print and online, basically telling New Year’s resolutions to feck off because it just leads to pressure to change followed by the feeling of failure.


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Let’s see what’s left

This day last week was Left-Handers’ Day, and as mentioned in a previous post about random facts, 11% of the population is left-handed, myself included. So, to pay tribute to my fellow lefties, I have compiled some facts about our people including the everyday challenges we face.

Yes, I know I write weird. Stop staring at me!

Yes, I know I write weird. Stop staring at me!

Some things you need to know if you’re left-handed

Apparently, we die on average up to nine years sooner than our right-handed counterparts. Awesome.

We are also more likely to become alcoholic, schizophrenic, delinquent, and dyslexic.We’re also more likely to have Crohn’s disease and suffer strokes. I know it’s bleak but apparently…

We are more likely to survive these things than right-handed people. Perhaps a defence mechanism from being unfairly predisposed? I’m just sayin’. Continue reading

Drive-by blog post: My August blog recommendation

…and my July recommendation. I know, it didn’t take long for me to miss a month but it’s ok because I’m making it up here. I chose these two from the long list for Blog Awards Ireland so we’re going for the full Irish this month.

Honest to BlogChloe

One of the few blogs that has had me laugh out loud at every post I’ve read – and that’s only about six of them. I’m going back to read some more soon. It’s a comic-style stream of conscious blog…and it’s hilarious. Complete with actual drawings by Chloe to demonstrate things. The post about unemployment has a picture of a brain that had me in bits.

Love this logo.

Love this logo.

Jenny Don’t be Hasty Jenny McShane

I swear it’s not because she has the same name as me. Although Jenny is an awesome name. I eagerly await the Coca Cola bottle. Anyway, content aside, the design of this blog is deadly. Content not aside, there’s a little bit of everything, which I like. There are reviews on make-up, books, films music, etc and as a fellow journalism graduate, her musings speak to me too. Well worth a luck.

Zen and the art of using notebooks

Inspired by a fellow blogger, Derbhile Dromey and her World of Writing blog, I decided to be brave and post about my notebook fetish. It’s ok, the first step is admitting you have an addiction. Bottom line, I definitely don’t need as many notebooks as I have. I probably have twice as many as I actually use and as well as that, I haven’t finished one in a while, because all my work is spread out in different ones.

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Share a coke…help them get richer

Today I am going to discuss what is possibly one of the greatest marketing strategies of my time – and to no one’s surprise, it belongs to Coca-Cola.

share a coke

They have unleashed the beast that is “Share a Coke”, which, for those of you living under a rock, involves creating Coke bottles, replacing their iconic logo with people’s names; they are the top 150 (now 250 with the recent release of 100 more) most popular names, by country. While there are some unusual ones that make the list there are plenty of Irish spelled names that can be found in shops everywhere. Some people complain that they can’t find their name, others don’t like buying coke bottles with other people’s names on them. But not me. Continue reading

More childhood nostalgia

As you all know, I am currently completing the mammoth task of cleaning out my room. While I am very good and put a stop to my hoader ways by throwing or giving away things that I’ve always kept but forgotten their existence until a big clean out, I kept almost everything in my memory box. TIP: If you’re doing a clean out, be sure to leave the memory stuff until last. It’ll only side track you, you could lose things in the rubble that surrounds you and also, it makes a nice treat to go through at the end of the clean out. I didn’t quite manage this but still. Continue reading