Shameless plug: The ups and downs of starting up a website

Alright, so while this is obviously going to be a massively shameless plug about my new website, which I set up with the wonderful Lizzie Nolan, it is also going to be about the trials and tribulations we went through in the process of setting it up.

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An appreciation for other blogs

I am sad and ashamed to admit that up until recently, I actually read very few blogs. I think from now on (WARNING: Possible unintentionally empty promise alert) I’m going to post about one blog each month that has stood out for me, a new blog every month that I have read and decided it is 100% worth a recommendation. No doubt it will be an advanced blog and I’m appealing to a smaller audience than they already have but still, it’s the sentiment that counts I think. Continue reading

The importance of not being earnest

Since it’s Friday tomorrow, a day to be a bit more casual than usual, I thought this post would be apt. For those of you not familiar with the play or film, “The Importance of Being Earnest“, it is described as “A trivial comedy for serious people”. Needless to say, earnest people are serious people. There is a time to be earnest, sure. A point in every person’s life/year/week/day that they have to put the head down and be serious. They need to get things done, or they need to think things through, or they need to behave in a certain way in accordance with the situation presented to them. Continue reading

On a more serious note…

As promised via twitter, I am currently doing the mother of all clean outs on my room. I’m talking under the bed, the window sill, the drawers, everything. And I don’t mean take everything out and tidy it all away neatly. I mean, I’m a hoarder so it’s time to clean everything out. A dramatic and adventurous post complete with pictures is on the way once I actually complete this task in the next week or two, but on a more serious note, this post just can’t wait.

I have covered a lot about mental health and suicide for a journalist of my age and status (non-existent status). I’ve written several long articles, including a two page spread and an editorial in the college paper and one of my columns in The Herald and I’ve interviewed several people on the subject, from experts and advocates, to family members and sufferers. I was always drawn to the subject because it was such an unspoken thing that affected so many people; I always felt I had never written too much on it, or covered everything that needed to be covered. Continue reading

Black and white and read all over

As promised, multiple posts.

As you probably know, I have finished college and cried a lot in the process. But there was one element in particular that played a massive part in my college life and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it: The College View.


It’s no secret that I am first and foremost a writer. I may have shamelessly plugged my time on the radio and made a very small appearance on television, but I was always a print woman through and through, and no matter where I end up, at heart I always will be. Continue reading

Baby one more time? No thanks…

Not so long ago, celebrities were famous for their talents, and only their talents. Singers sang, writers wrote, and fashion designers made clothes. Now, every celebrity must have their own perfume, fashion line, make-up brand and, the newest must-have accessory, their own book.

Britney fancies herself as a writer

No stranger to adding to her empire, Britney Spears is set to sign a book deal and pen her first novel. Well, she’s set to have her first novel with her name on it at least. Whether she puts pen to paper herself is yet to be seen. As a young writer with mere dreams of ‘penning my first novel’, I worry about the pool I would be swimming in if I ever attempted such things.

There was a time when writing and publishing a book would be difficult because writing is such a craft that it could take years or even decades to master, and that’s if you had the capability to master it at all. Not to mention the countless obstacles put in place by publishers for ‘what would sell and make money’. Continue reading

I caught the media bug…it’s an epidemic

One of the many blog posts I have promised, is the story of how I became a journalist. It’s not a particularly interesting one, I assure you. But I did promise. At the risk of sounding cliché, I’ve wanted to be a writer my whole life. Not a journalist, a writer, an author to be more specific. I wasn’t even one of those people who wanted to be a fairy princess when I was younger, or at least if I was, my selective memory has decided that I shouldn’t know that. Continue reading