Look! Something shiny!

Well I imagine it’s shiny…it’s shiny in my mind. I have been nominated for a Liebster award by the lovely Chloe Mc Mahon. You can check out her blog, complete with illustrations that get funnier the longer you look at them, right here.

Also, now that I’m back and out in the open I should probably thank Chloe from getting me out of the procrasti-closet…I have several blog drafts that I just didn’t have time to write and in the last three months.*

*OK, new job yes, but also being lazy, watching terrible TV, sleeping and anything except working on my blog. Bad Jenny. So I will endeavor to write the posts shoved in the drafts shelf over the next month. Anyway, back to the award.


So, my understanding for this award is that the rules vary but the last few blogs in the chain say I have to answer a list of personal questions or one big question. Since I can’t think of anything that would warrant “one big question”. I will shamelessly plagiarise  borrow, the questions Chloe used. (Thanks Chloe!)

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