9 good things about working a 9-5 office job

I know that sounds depressing, but it’s really not. I’m not in some nondescript grey office building at a desk for eight hours logging random figures or sending unnecessary emails thinking about the career path I should have had. I’m still a writer, and I’m still in the media, it just happens to be 9-5.30 and I’m at a desk. And it’s a grey door not a grey building. The job itself is what I want, and I now realise that I stupidly used to think that all the fun, interesting and desirable jobs have bizarre working hours. “9-5” and “desk job” tends to be code for “boring” “stop-gap” “Plan B/backup” jobs, but I have decided that this is a hugely unfair stereotype and I know I’m not the only one whose dream job happens to be front of a desk. So as a lucky duck who managed to swing a full-time job in her dream industry, here is my list of pros that come with the 9-5 job.


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Arriving at a job interview early

Ok, obviously it’s advisable that you have plenty of time to get to a job interview, even if said interview is supposedly informal. I’m a great one for this, I must say. I’ve never been late, more often than not I’ve been half an hour early, which is usually fine; it gives me a chance to find the office, prepare myself, get lost if that happens. However, I have recently discovered some of the downsides to arriving early in certain situations. Continue reading