9 good things about working a 9-5 office job

I know that sounds depressing, but it’s really not. I’m not in some nondescript grey office building at a desk for eight hours logging random figures or sending unnecessary emails thinking about the career path I should have had. I’m still a writer, and I’m still in the media, it just happens to be 9-5.30 and I’m at a desk. And it’s a grey door not a grey building. The job itself is what I want, and I now realise that I stupidly used to think that all the fun, interesting and desirable jobs have bizarre working hours. “9-5” and “desk job” tends to be code for “boring” “stop-gap” “Plan B/backup” jobs, but I have decided that this is a hugely unfair stereotype and I know I’m not the only one whose dream job happens to be front of a desk. So as a lucky duck who managed to swing a full-time job in her dream industry, here is my list of pros that come with the 9-5 job.


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Drive-by blog post: My November recommendation

Boy with a hatVincent Mars

Keeping with my current creative streak I have stumbled across this fantastic blog that appeals to the writer and story-lover in me. He has written countless short stories, posts about writing and has a book online of 50-word stories. A great blog for the literature junkie.


This blog recommendation is also apt for this month because I’ve decided to take on the 30 day Creative Writing Challenge and post them all up here every day in November. As if I didn’t annoy you enough already. I will post the first one later today. Other blog posts not related to the challenge may also creep in, which means there may be multiple posts in a day. I apologise for anyone who is friends with me on social media who will, no doubt be plagued by my blog in their news feeds.


Out with the old, in with the New Year’s resolutions…well sort of.

I have developed some divine inspiration to write recently. Any fellow writers will understand the concept of saying “I’m writing a book” when you’re really playing solitaire, drinking, working, studying and pretty much taking part in life while writing your actual novel can often fall by the wayside.

I'll get to it eventually, I swear!

I’ll get to it eventually, I swear!

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BREAKING NEWS: Not all news is hard news


News is “all kinds of everything”…sorry…I’ll leave now.

I have recently opened up my mind to the idea that I should really feign a mild interest in major sporting events. Why? Because I am a journalist. I may not want to be a sports journalist but I now realise it’s just as embarrassing not knowing who’s in the All-Ireland Final as it is to admit that you didn’t know there was going to be a bus strike and it’s also embarrassing to admit you didn’t know the Royal Baby was born. (Don’t worry, I knew all of those things when necessary).

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Shameless plug: The ups and downs of starting up a website

Alright, so while this is obviously going to be a massively shameless plug about my new website, which I set up with the wonderful Lizzie Nolan, it is also going to be about the trials and tribulations we went through in the process of setting it up.



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Work for the unemployed

As promised, here is my post about work experience, internships and my own personal experiences. As a journalist, it’s so important to constantly build a portfolio and pack your CV with journalistic experience. To quote a much-loved lecturer my class has had the pleasure of learning from in DCU, today if you walk into an interview with a highly accredited degree but without a decent portfolio, it’s “bye-bye”. Continue reading

Cards, codes and other official business

It might just be my age. I’m only in college a year, getting a taste of the real world, dealing with proper professionals (having to act professional myself), you start getting a taste of feeling important. I am ashamed to say I spent half an hour – half an hour! – looking at a website that sold business cards. I just stared at the page for a while, then I started doing a mock-up of what mine would look like, picking all the different themes and designs, writing out all my details, I brought the final product to the paying stages and just looked at it in all its magnificence. Then of course I shook the crazy out of my head, closed the page and went straight to Facebook like a normal teenager (yes, I’m still a teenager if my age has ‘teen’ in the title).

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