Drive-by post: My December recommendation

I’m not biased at all I swear (ok, that was a lie) but it’s my blog so I can be a little biased if I want to be. This month’s blog recommendation is a review blog about coffee and cake and other such delicacies.

Coffee with CormacCormac McLoughlin

Friends will already know this so I may as well lay it out on the table. Cormac is my boyfriend so there is some bias going on here but sure the world is not without bias and at least I’m presenting it upfront. Amn’t I very good?

coffee-164058_640Furthermore, if I was promoting this simply because I go out with the guy who writes it I would just put it on Facebook and say “Hey follow my boyfriend’s blog” meaning it might not actually be good but I have to share it. I wouldn’t dedicate a monthly recommendation on my blog if it wasn’t actually good. I’ve had to listen to him critique coffee in every establishment we’ve been to long enough to make him shut up and write it down. Turns out it’s actually good! So coffee and cake lovers must check it out for a guide to the best coffee and cake around. Mostly based in Dublin but with some from abroad.


Post-holiday blues are 20 times worse in Ireland

I feel blue. This is ironic considering I just came back from a week surrounded by clear blue skies and blue seas (and, okay, yellow sand but still, a lot of blue). Now that I am home in the humble city of Dublin I am surrounded by grey skies, grey pavements, grey clouds, everything grey. But now I feel blue.

Yes, it’s the post-holiday blues unfortunately. Just as the weather was beginning to turn miserable, I escaped to Lloret de Mar in Spain.

So this is a short lament to the wonder that was the Spanish coast for a week. I realised while I was over there that it was my first sun holiday in three years, and as we all know, this is a very depressing thought for Irish people who severely lack Vitamin D for most of the year due to far too much truth to the common Facebook ‘joke’:


I do realise I’m probably depressing myself more and maybe I’m even rekindling other people’s post-holiday blues from the summer. For that I apologise. But I need my time (and blog post) to moan as I’m sure some people reading this are experiencing better weather than I am. I mean, Australians are just about to head into their summer; that’s just unfair.

There were fantastic restaurants along the beach. There were glasses of wine served for €2.25. There were bottles of Frexinet sold in shops for €6.60. There were cocktail bars that gave you free t-shirts after four cocktails. If I don’t write my lament down here, I might start to think it was all just a dream, because for people in Ireland, it often is just a dream.

Can I just live here?

Can I just live here?

Drive-by post: Eight weeks, eight ‘mealz-ina-cup’

If you follow me on twitter (that’s me rambling down the right hand side there), you will know that I spent eight weeks on an internship with The Irish Times recently. There is so much I can say about those eight weeks, they taught me some of the best things I’ve learned, they reaffirmed my passion for writing and working for a newspaper, and they made me feel like a proper journalist. But I think the best thing I learned, something I’m sure many students who lived on their own would be familiar with, is the amount of full dinners you can get in cup and pot form. Nothing could have prepared me for how much proper meals you can get by boiling water in a cup or sticking a pot in a microwave for four minutes.

So without further ado, here are my top eight cup meals that I had at some point in my eight week internship; and believe me, I had them way more than eight times in eight weeks.

So many pots...

So many pots…

Spaghetti Bolognese

Curry Rice

Crunchy Nut Cereal to go

Pot Noodle

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Rice

Tomato and Basil Pasta

Cuppa Soup

Chili Con Carne

Honourable mention: Keogh’s Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar Crisps. They sold them in the canteen. I had almost one packet a day. No word of a lie.

Did you know…do you care?

I have recently discovered that I know more random facts than I ever realised. Some of them, loads of people know, some of them a few people know and some of them nobody seems to know. Of course these aren’t really facts that you need to know to get on with your life. In fact, most of them you could live your whole life without ever finding out and you’d still be fine. But, in case you would like your mind blown today, here are some facts you may or may not know, and you may or may not care about. Continue reading

Gowan, gowan, gowan…

The original “Irish host”

I’m starting to realise there is something about Irish people that they can never say yes to thinks on their first go. It’s like we don’t want our first answer to be our final answer.

A: “Will you have a drink?”

B: “No I’m grand thanks, I won’t.”

A: “Ah you will, you’ll have something.”

B: “No honestly I’m fine thanks.”

A: “Ah go on, a glass of wine?”

B: “OK, a small glass just, thanks”

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Food that COULD say “Happy Anniversary”

Recipe time. My boyfriend and I had our two-year anniversary last week and I decided to be romantic and make a three course meal. Please hold the applause. I decided to put it online because it was all completely from scratch and I believe if I was ever on Come Dine With Me, this is the exact thing I’d do. I’ll even tell you the way to make it so that they all get made at the right time.

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