New year, same me with added determination

Happy New Year everyone! This year for a change I’m going to actually write my resolutions at the start of the year like a normal person. I know what you’re thinking. “Jenny, why do you keep doing this, it’s embarrassing and nearly always ends in failure.” In a way, yes it does. I rarely complete the list but I always make an attempt and any achievement is good right?


Besides, I achieved other things that weren’t exactly in my control so wouldn’t have gone into a list like this. So, as usual, here’s my evaluation of how I got on in 2013:

Practise shorthand – fail

Read one book a month – done (as long as that’s just an average, I read 16 in five months)

Pass my driving test – fail (didn’t fail the test, just didn’t do the test)

Maintain my blog better – done

Go for a walk once a week – fail

Write everyday – done

Brainstorm – fell down around April

Work through Ready, Set, Novel! – fell down in December

Do 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge – fail, but ongoing

Work through Writing Fiction, Step by Step – fail

Some of them you might know as mid-2013 writing resolutions. Once again, could be better, could be worse. Onwards and upwards so here are my 2014 resolutions.

Shorthand – exact same goal as last year because I only failed from laziness. One day a week, adding a day for every month.

Read 24 books – That averages as two books per month but it’s not limited.

Pass my driving test – I’m determined to pass in 2014. End of story.

Continue to better my blog.

Brainstorm ideas for work, writing, blogging and freelancing once a week.

Finish Ready, Set, Novel! and start my own novel.

Finish “30-Day” Creative Writing Challenge – not necessarily in 30 days, but I have to complete all challenges.

Do The Artist’s Way – Again, I’m determined!

Learn Spanish again – I’m even going to do a course for this one.

Wish me luck, and let me know what your resolutions are.

It’s that time of year again…

Given how unusually and unexpectedly busy this month was, I have generously given myself until the end of January to write up my new years resolutions and start them. Now that the “last chance saloon-ness” of this post has been explained, I will divulge my list for the world to see; first, a bit of self-criticism. Let’s see how I did with my 2012 list (read the detailed list here): Continue reading

Shut up and drive!

Please ignore the horrendous photograph. Taking passport photos is not a favourite hobby of mine…

I realise that before my last post it had been three months since I was here, apologies…but I have had good reasons. While some of my New Year’s resolutions have flopped (as expected), one thing I have done and will hopefully complete by the end of 2012 is begin the learning to drive process. I’m currently at the provisional license point. It came in the post today; I’d have had it on Friday if the Motor Tax Office didn’t close at 3.30pm everyday. The less said about that the better.

Continue reading

New year’s resolutions – Go beyond January

Ok, it’s now February 2, and (as promised) I am writing my new year’s resolutions. I have had them since the end of 2011 but I waited until now to write them because not only do 90% of people fail to keep their resolutions going beyond January (made-up statistic) but I heard that you shouldn’t actually start them until February for a number of reasons. Number one: new season, it’s spring, much happier than winter and number two, January is the most depressing month of the year apparently and who wants to start new year’s resolutions then? Also an important side note, it takes three weeks to break a habit, and the same goes for making a habit, so whether you’re giving up smoking, or going to the gym twice a week, that’s how long it’ll take before it becomes second nature. Anyway, I’ve decided to post my own resolutions. I would love to hear about other people’s too. I think putting them out there into cyberspace will make me more determined to do them. Continue reading