Drive-by post: My December recommendation

I’m not biased at all I swear (ok, that was a lie) but it’s my blog so I can be a little biased if I want to be. This month’s blog recommendation is a review blog about coffee and cake and other such delicacies.

Coffee with CormacCormac McLoughlin

Friends will already know this so I may as well lay it out on the table. Cormac is my boyfriend so there is some bias going on here but sure the world is not without bias and at least I’m presenting it upfront. Amn’t I very good?

coffee-164058_640Furthermore, if I was promoting this simply because I go out with the guy who writes it I would just put it on Facebook and say “Hey follow my boyfriend’s blog” meaning it might not actually be good but I have to share it. I wouldn’t dedicate a monthly recommendation on my blog if it wasn’t actually good. I’ve had to listen to him critique coffee in every establishment we’ve been to long enough to make him shut up and write it down. Turns out it’s actually good! So coffee and cake lovers must check it out for a guide to the best coffee and cake around. Mostly based in Dublin but with some from abroad.


21 lessons for your 21st

Ok so I’ve been absent for a while, and not a great start to the new year – I haven’t even finished my resolutions…but I’ve decided I have until the end of the month for those anyway. There is something more immediate that needs to be discussed: turning 21 and having a 21st birthday party. Right now, all over the world, thousands of people are turning 21 and there are probably parties going on left, right and centre. As someone who is right in the midst of the year of the 21st birthdays among her circle of friends, I feel the need to share some wise words that I was told, picked up as I went along, or learned the hard way. Continue reading

Sticky toffee pudding

Right, I’ve decided my blog should stay┬ácompletely random. In fact, it should be even more random than it already is. So, here’s a recipe for sticky toffee pudding. Just for the craic. You can keep left over sauce in the fridge and reheat some of it in the microwave whenever you want some. It’s delicious.

Sticky toffee pudding.

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