If you lived here you’d be home by now

I moved! As previously mentioned, I have moved out of my family home and into an apartment with my boyfriend. Given the amount of stories about renting of late, I would say we got lucky with what we got. It’s not the size of a shoebox, heating is included in our rent and the kitchen was brand new when we moved in. I was also lucky because Cormac has moved roughly 10 times in as many years so he’s well experienced, but even still, there were some things I learned.

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Holidays, holidays everywhere!

Ok, I admit it. I have been a bad blogger of late. I know that. But on the plus side, my Bookaholics Anonymous is working as I have bought very few books in the last few months. But as promised, I’m going to make it up by explaining my absence.

First, my boyfriend Cormac, and I travelled to sunny Spain once again, except this year we went in May instead of September, a much better time of year as the weather is getting warmer as opposed to cooler. This was a better hotel, better beach, better bars and we even got to go to a water park this year. If you are ever going to Torremolinos, I recommend Fr. O’Malley’s for breakfast.

The next holiday I went on was Praia de Rocha in Portugal. Nice place, a bit less chilled, a bit more clubby, although not as clubby as Albufeira as in you can actually get a good night’s sleep. This was a girly/party holiday with my friend Eimear. By the time we came home we were broken women. From sunburn and deathly hangovers to full-blown c0lds (typical of us to get colds in Portugal in July), we were near death on the plane home. However, if you’re up for that sort of thing, I would recommend Ireland’s Eye for the best Irish craic and there’s a pub crawl there that is well worth a look. You will lose count of the amount of shots you will do but that’s half the fun.

Finally, at the end of August, Cormac and I travelled to Poznan, Poland for my friend’s wedding, for which I was a bridesmaid. I had never been a bridesmaid before but I think I did alright and it was a really lovely day. Oh and also, I caught the bouquet…yeah, of course I did. There was nearly a Cormac-shaped hole in the wall when that happened. In hindsight I would have liked to stay for an extra day and stayed in the nicer hotel but I couldn’t really afford the extra cost or days off work. Like I said, it’s a tough life but somebody’s gotta do it!

Anyway, I’m back now and have no plans to disappear again in 2014 so I will endeavour to pick up the blog once again. I also moved out, which I’m told is one of the most stressful things you can do so that distracted me from blogging too. Any excuse, right. But the more distractions there are, the more I have to blog about. Every cloud.

Fanny Crown Gown – A fashionista is born…sort of

So, working for magazines that have all things fashion, beauty and bridal, I’ve found myself  being questioned about all things wedding-related (before you ask, please refer to my FAQ on being a bridal writer) as well as questions on the best beauty products and the latest trends. While I am by no means an expert on anything fashion or beauty, I am starting to subconsciously pick up information and knowledge about both. I’m familiar with the latest trends, if I’ve tried any new products I’ll know if they’re any good and I’m starting to look at clothes and think not only when I’d wear it but also how I’d accessories it. Naturally, as a Pinterest addict, I’ve taken to making fashion mood boards in my head and when I saw this dress on Fanny Crown I just had to accessorize it.


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Let’s see what’s left

I’ve decided to reblog this post from last year to celebrate Left-Handers’ Day. We must stand up and unite as a minority! Happy Left-Handers’ Day.

To My Write

This day last week was Left-Handers’ Day, and as mentioned in a previous post about random facts, 11% of the population is left-handed, myself included. So, to pay tribute to my fellow lefties, I have compiled some facts about our people including the everyday challenges we face.

Yes, I know I write weird. Stop staring at me! Yes, I know I write weird. Stop staring at me!

Some things you need to know if you’re left-handed

Apparently, we die on average up to nine years sooner than our right-handed counterparts. Awesome.

We are also more likely to become alcoholic, schizophrenic, delinquent, and dyslexic.We’re also more likely to have Crohn’s disease and suffer strokes. I know it’s bleak but apparently…

We are more likely to survive these things than right-handed people. Perhaps a defence mechanism from being unfairly predisposed? I’m just sayin’.

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Here comes the…bridal writer

BrideAs I have mentioned, I now work at the wonderful Social & Personal Weddings magazine. (I’m not biased at all.) More specifically I have grown my baby (no not a real baby) socialandpersonalweddings.ie. This is what I was hired for, so while I have been lucky enough to write, not just for the wedding magazine, but the main Social & Personal magazine, my main goal was helping fill it with content and get it live. It’s been a long, exciting process that taught me a lot, but in particular, being only 22, it’s been interesting working on all things bridal and wedding. As such, it is only natural that I compile a list of questions I’ve been asked repeatedly since I got the job. If you have asked me any of these questions, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone, and you probably asked me ages ago, before it got repetitive.

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The Goodreads tag


Yes, another post about books. But it’s been one full month since I bought my last book and I got one for free and they were both part of the series I will shortly be moving on to. Meanwhile, my Goodreads account is quickly expanding, and I found this post on Pretty Purple Polka Dots so decided to, once again shamelessly plagiarise borrow it for my own blog.

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