Excellent films I was luckily forced to watch

MV5BNDMwNDk3NDQ0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjEwMjI2MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR6,0,214,317_Cinema Paradiso is celebrating its 25th anniversary and I can happily say it is a work of cinematic genius. This isn’t something I can usually say because I don’t tend to watch films that fall into the category of “greatest films ever”, unless coerced – I got a shameful 64 out of 250 of IMDb’s top 250 films of all time. There are two reasons my score is even as high as it is: my male friends and boyfriend forcing me to watch such films (you all know who you are), and mandatory viewings in school. Cinema Paradiso was the latter, for a comparative study in Transition Year English.

Here are ten more films I’m so glad I was made watch in school and suggest you watch if you haven’t already. Classes marked with a * were Transition Year classes.

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An appreciation for other blogs

I am sad and ashamed to admit that up until recently, I actually read very few blogs. I think from now on (WARNING: Possible unintentionally empty promise alert) I’m going to post about one blog each month that has stood out for me, a new blog every month that I have read and decided it is 100% worth a recommendation. No doubt it will be an advanced blog and I’m appealing to a smaller audience than they already have but still, it’s the sentiment that counts I think. Continue reading

How personal is too personal?

One of my many promised blogs. The more of these I write, the better I do with my new year’s resolutions. Obviously, my blog is somewhat of a personal blog. It’s my personal thoughts, musings, and rants about things. It has no set topic really and no outside opinions. Some of my posts are more personal than others, like the top ten songs that mean something to me and the one about my deadly teacher. Continue reading

Come Dine With Me

I love Come Dine With Me. I love the Irish version and the English version and mostly I watch it for the excellent commentary from Dave Lamb. I think most people watch it just for him. I love it so much I felt it deserved a blog post all to itself.

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Movies for recession victims

I wrote an article for BananaReel.ie on the alternatives to going to your regular cinema. Some cost money but are way more interesting than the cinema and others are movie clubs that are free to attend if you want to go on a date but are hit by that pesky recession (speaking of which, I am available for work if anyone needs anything 🙂 ) 

You don't need money to go to the movies.

You don’t need money to go to the movies.

For generations, going to the cinema was one of the most popular activities in Ireland. Teenagers, families and couples of all ages went to see movies together to pass the time. Back in the day, when our parents were going on dates, the cinema was a very different place. An evening at the cinema would have multiple films, an intermission and “Orange Maid” ice pops brought in by the ushers.

Now, our movie experience has gotten very monotonous. You go in, you pay about €10 for a ticket, €10 for popcorn and a drink, watch the movie in old chairs and leave a couple of hours later with a full stomach and empty pockets. Could we be doomed to either go through this same routine every time or be forced to stay in?

Definitely not. There are plenty of different ways to get the cinema experience without going to the usual haunts. In fact, there are plenty of events that provide a better experience than the regular cinema trip. What’s more, a lot of them are free. Continue reading