Drive-by post: My January recommendation

Happy New Year! I’m starting the 2014 blogging year off with a hilarious blog recommendation for this month.

Wrong Hands John Atkinson

There is nothing to this except creative, intelligent and hilarious cartoons, all drawn by John Atkinson. I have very little to say about this other than the fact that this blog should be followed because all his cartoons are simple, yet genius and well done. Below is one of my favourites.



Drive-by post: My December recommendation

I’m not biased at all I swear (ok, that was a lie) but it’s my blog so I can be a little biased if I want to be. This month’s blog recommendation is a review blog about coffee and cake and other such delicacies.

Coffee with CormacCormac McLoughlin

Friends will already know this so I may as well lay it out on the table. Cormac is my boyfriend so there is some bias going on here but sure the world is not without bias and at least I’m presenting it upfront. Amn’t I very good?

coffee-164058_640Furthermore, if I was promoting this simply because I go out with the guy who writes it I would just put it on Facebook and say “Hey follow my boyfriend’s blog” meaning it might not actually be good but I have to share it. I wouldn’t dedicate a monthly recommendation on my blog if it wasn’t actually good. I’ve had to listen to him critique coffee in every establishment we’ve been to long enough to make him shut up and write it down. Turns out it’s actually good! So coffee and cake lovers must check it out for a guide to the best coffee and cake around. Mostly based in Dublin but with some from abroad.


Drive-by blog post: My November recommendation

Boy with a hatVincent Mars

Keeping with my current creative streak I have stumbled across this fantastic blog that appeals to the writer and story-lover in me. He has written countless short stories, posts about writing and has a book online of 50-word stories. A great blog for the literature junkie.


This blog recommendation is also apt for this month because I’ve decided to take on the 30 day Creative Writing Challenge and post them all up here every day in November. As if I didn’t annoy you enough already. I will post the first one later today. Other blog posts not related to the challenge may also creep in, which means there may be multiple posts in a day. I apologise for anyone who is friends with me on social media who will, no doubt be plagued by my blog in their news feeds.


Drive-by blog post: My September/October blog recommendation

Ok, I know I seem to be making a habit out of doubling up on the months I do blog recommendations but what of it? They still get there in the end. So here’s my recommendations for September and October. Go check them out, they’re almost as cool as this one.

What to Know NowVicky Kavanagh

Everything from serious news and editorial content, to pictures of cats and funny fashion faux pas, this website is relatively new but there’s a constant flow of content with a journalism background to back it up. A good one to check out for information.



A t-shirt from a giveaway on

A t-shirt from a giveaway on

The NongenueKatie and Julie

While I try to seem like a crazy stalker girl, this blog is co-authored by a previous recommended blogger from the blog Sass & Balderdash. Although it is very new (it only launched at the end of September) I have faith in the writers and the posts that have gone up so far. Strong editorial comments on life and just a generally funny point of view.


Drive-by blog post: My August blog recommendation

…and my July recommendation. I know, it didn’t take long for me to miss a month but it’s ok because I’m making it up here. I chose these two from the long list for Blog Awards Ireland so we’re going for the full Irish this month.

Honest to BlogChloe

One of the few blogs that has had me laugh out loud at every post I’ve read – and that’s only about six of them. I’m going back to read some more soon. It’s a comic-style stream of conscious blog…and it’s hilarious. Complete with actual drawings by Chloe to demonstrate things. The post about unemployment has a picture of a brain that had me in bits.

Love this logo.

Love this logo.

Jenny Don’t be Hasty Jenny McShane

I swear it’s not because she has the same name as me. Although Jenny is an awesome name. I eagerly await the Coca Cola bottle. Anyway, content aside, the design of this blog is deadly. Content not aside, there’s a little bit of everything, which I like. There are reviews on make-up, books, films music, etc and as a fellow journalism graduate, her musings speak to me too. Well worth a luck.

Drive-by post: Eight weeks, eight ‘mealz-ina-cup’

If you follow me on twitter (that’s me rambling down the right hand side there), you will know that I spent eight weeks on an internship with The Irish Times recently. There is so much I can say about those eight weeks, they taught me some of the best things I’ve learned, they reaffirmed my passion for writing and working for a newspaper, and they made me feel like a proper journalist. But I think the best thing I learned, something I’m sure many students who lived on their own would be familiar with, is the amount of full dinners you can get in cup and pot form. Nothing could have prepared me for how much proper meals you can get by boiling water in a cup or sticking a pot in a microwave for four minutes.

So without further ado, here are my top eight cup meals that I had at some point in my eight week internship; and believe me, I had them way more than eight times in eight weeks.

So many pots...

So many pots…

Spaghetti Bolognese

Curry Rice

Crunchy Nut Cereal to go

Pot Noodle

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Rice

Tomato and Basil Pasta

Cuppa Soup

Chili Con Carne

Honourable mention: Keogh’s Atlantic Sea Salt & Irish Cider Vinegar Crisps. They sold them in the canteen. I had almost one packet a day. No word of a lie.

Drive- by post: My June blog recommendation

As promised, here is this month’s blog that I recommend you read and why.


The monthly appreciation for other blogs.

The monthly appreciation for other blogs.

Sass and Balderdash – Katie

The reason I like this blog is because, like many other blogs that I’ve recommended, it is funny. Most of her blogs are lighthearted and amusing observations (particularly inner conversations one might have with themselves in certain situations). But what makes this blog different is what I guess is the “sass” part of it. She does talk about things that could potentially be controversial. The post that brought me to her blog was one about ‘BS Feminism’. There are a lot of feminists in the blogging world and I respect that. They range in their thoughts and views, from the uncontroversial to the extreme. Katie is very vocal about her views on feminism and has probably rubbed several people up the wrong way but her views are not wild throwaway comments, more well-laid out points of view.