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Don’t worry, I’m still alive…

Yes, I am still alive and well, although I can’t exactly say the same for my blog. It’s embarrassing how long it’s been since I put anything up. What’s worse is how many drafts I actually have just waiting to be written and I have a few more that I should be writing that haven’t even made it to ‘Drafts’ yet – including one or two that I’ve been tagged to do. They’re all coming soon though.

I'm back

Lately I think I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut when it comes to writing and other such things. I’m almost a year in my new place with the boyfriend and we started off well with cooking and chores and generally being responsible but lately I worry that someone will call the ISPCC because two moany children live together with no supervision.

But this week I have gotten back into the swing of things, making actual healthy dinners from scratch and just generally being more organised. I also bought more books. I know I’m supposed to be off buying books but I found loads of half-stamped Hodges Figgis loyalty cards that added up to €20 so I felt that was an invitation to treat I just couldn’t ignore. Anyway, my point is, one of those books was ‘Night Shift’ by Stephen King which, so far is terrifying, but excellent. I have plenty of favourite authors depending on the mood I’m in and too many favourite books to count but the one writer that above most others always inspires* me to write (*read: gives me a mental kick in the arse) is Stephen King. His prologue at all guilts me into remembering that I’ve put writing on the seriously long finger – and that’s before I even get to the book itself.

So with Stephen in the bag, a mental “get your shit together” shake, and some determination I found lying around, it’s time to go back to blogging, back to excessive reading and back to actual writing. My next blog post is definitely going to be an angry rant that I had some time ago, so apologies for anyone it annoys.

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