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If you lived here you’d be home by now

I moved! As previously mentioned, I have moved out of my family home and into an apartment with my boyfriend. Given the amount of stories about renting of late, I would say we got lucky with what we got. It’s not the size of a shoebox, heating is included in our rent and the kitchen was brand new when we moved in. I was also lucky because Cormac has moved roughly 10 times in as many years so he’s well experienced, but even still, there were some things I learned.

Homeware departments are no longer fun

All my dreams of what fun it will be to kit out my grown-up home have been shattered. It’s not fun it’s just expensive and necessary. It’s also tiring, particularly when you’re using public transport. Picture two straight days (and about 10 more half days dotted around the place) of buying as much as two people can carry and then dragging them all onto a bus, off the bus and into the apartment, only to turn around and head back out again. I think we did three or four trips in one day.

LaundryWashing is never-ending

Sure, I sort of knew that already. And luckily since there are only two of us there is a three-day lull where no washes need to be put on and no ironing needs to be done. But during that three-day lull I’m very aware of how full the basket is getting. And when it comes to washing sheets and duvet covers, you can forget it.

Lamps are cheaper than main lights

Again, sure, in theory I knew this. But when you’re paying for your electricity suddenly this becomes very relevant. And we’re not those scabby people who sit there in the dark, but we have a massive, long, fluorescent light that we just don’t need now that we have two pretty sizable lamps. Not to mention the fact that that massive, long fluorescent, white light (yeah, you know the kind of thing I mean) is horrible looking anyway.

Euro Giant has some serious gems

Don’t scoff! If you go to Cleary’s or even Dunnes for everything you’ll be broke before you’ve even decked out the kitchen. Things like pots, pans, oven dishes and baking tins are all great value there. All Rooms on Liffey Street is also great, although go to these places with eyes wide open. The gems are really diamonds in the rough so you may have some crap to wade through. For a slightly pricier version, but again, some gems with better quality (very little crap to wade through here) is Stock Design on South King Street. Good for baking stuff in particular.

You’ll never really be done

I have lost count of  the amount of times we’ve come home with the ‘last’ household item and said “Finally, the apartment is officially finished”. Truthfully, it never really is. 95% of the stuff we bought, were good quality things that we’ll keep and take with us when we move out. But once you’ve settled and finished buying, you’ll realise there’s one or two things you could put some money into improving. Off the top of my head, the three things we replaced (and we’re not even there six months) is the cutlery, the cushions and the milk jug. The cutlery was perfectly fine to start with but it was from Euro Giant and didn’t set us back much at all, but we upgraded to better cutlery over Christmas. We also decided to swap our perfectly fine, but cheap cushions for nicer ones, and the milk jug was a gift – which is another thing. Depending on how close to Christmas you move in, a lot of your presents for the next while might be household items, which, trust me, if the people who are buying you know you well, you will be very grateful for. To name but a few, I got a gorgeous clock, a canvas print, an electric mixer and champagne flutes.



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