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Here comes the…bridal writer

BrideAs I have mentioned, I now work at the wonderful Social & Personal Weddings magazine. (I’m not biased at all.) More specifically I have grown my baby (no not a real baby) socialandpersonalweddings.ie. This is what I was hired for, so while I have been lucky enough to write, not just for the wedding magazine, but the main Social & Personal magazine, my main goal was helping fill it with content and get it live. It’s been a long, exciting process that taught me a lot, but in particular, being only 22, it’s been interesting working on all things bridal and wedding. As such, it is only natural that I compile a list of questions I’ve been asked repeatedly since I got the job. If you have asked me any of these questions, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone, and you probably asked me ages ago, before it got repetitive.

Top five questions I get asked – with the genuine answer and what I’m really thinking when you ask.

So do you spend all your time going to other people’s weddings and writing about them?

Oh no, we don’t include many real weddings, and the ones that we do we just get sent the photographs and a small bit of information

No, that would be weird, that’s called wedding crashing. 


Will you be the best bridesmaid ever now?

Yeah, probably!

No. Being well-researched in all things bridal doesn’t make me more attentive, on point or knowledgeable about what you want (and let’s be honest, how much of my advice do you want anyway other than my availability to collect things?)


Do you know where all the good deals are?

Unfortunately not, I don’t deal with or look at any pricing.

WHAT GOOD DEALS? Go to a wedding fair or something. Do you think we keep all the good deals in a box in the office?


Can you get me a good deal on…?

Sadly, no.

How would anyone make any money if everyone who worked for wedding-related media could get discounts for all of our mates? And, you know what? No. Just for asking, even if I did have the power.


Does it make you really want to get married now?

It’s fun, but I’m in no rush so not really.

God no! Do people who work in Subway want to eat nothing but Subway all day? If anything it is just intimidating about weddings. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE TYPE OF WEDDING TO WHICH I’VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED!


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