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My first marathon that didn’t involve a television series

Well, it’s a mini marathon, I didn’t go from the laziest person ever to running 42K. But for those of you who read my New Year’s resolutions (or more accurately this one that came after that with a late resolution) I decided to do the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon and I am pleased to say I have completed it in a personal record time. Due to unforeseen circumstances and busy schedules I didn’t run for the whole month of April, which included missing the two official runs I had signed up for. I started to panic then but thankfully I picked it up again in May and ran my first 10K five days before the marathon.

Courtesy of Elver ys Sports

Courtesy of Elverys Sports

Because I was running out of time I had no choice but to ditch the C210K app, which is just as well because I actually didn’t find it as effective as the C25K app. The first one is better for interval training and is good for getting you to the 5K mark but I think beyond that you’re just building up your own perseverance for long distance, which you can do best without the app. I ran my first (and only pre-marathon 10K) in just under 63 minutes, and considering my goal was 65-70 I surprised myself. I decided I’d be happy with anything under 65 but if I could get the same or even better on the day I’d be happy. I ended up getting 61 minutes. I ran for the North East MS Therapy Centre in Trim. To all of my sponsors, and supporters who were proud of me for running and training and donated money, thank you. Next year I’m aiming for under 55 minutes.

Things I learned and will do next year:

Take a day to go to the RDS to collect my race number. It has great buzz to it and it’s fun going around all the stands but I didn’t really give myself much time to appreciate it. Still managed to buy a curler though.

I arrived around 12pm – two hours before the race to get a good spot at the top. I would do this again, but I would try guilt someone into coming in with me to talk to me for two hours unless I had a running buddy willing to come in that early with me.

Make a checklist and set reminders. There wasn’t much for me to bring and I didn’t forget anything – except my new water bottle, which I put in the freezer while I was getting ready and then left without it.

Bring a full change of clothes. While it was fun walking around town with my medal and race number, I ended up not going home for hours and ended up in Dunboyne dressed like a tourist. Don’t ask.

Just one of the signs that pushed me over the line. Courtesy of Elverys Sports.

Just one of the signs that pushed me over the line. Courtesy of Elverys Sports.

Next year I will pay more attention to the signs I see along the way, turn down my music so I can hear the shouts and applause. They helped spur me on more in the second half of the race.

I read somewhere for the baggage area to bring my mini marathon gift bag with my stuff. Somehow I thought you had to use this bag. You don’t. Next year I will bring a normal bag.

Start getting sponsored earlier. I was away the week before and completely ran out of time. I still managed to make a good amount though – €330 and counting.





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