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I am failing, but I’ve decided that’s ok

Not in life, obviously. I wouldn’t be so calm about things if I was failing at life. No, I am referring to my very feeble attempt at the 30 Day Creative Writing Challenge¬†for November. Look, what did you guys expect, I can’t even finish the cleanout to end all cleanouts in my room. But in my defence, I spent the first week of November graduating and participating in the general merriment that surrounds said event.


So I wrote the first one in advance and then picked the next easiest, which happened to be the poem on Day 4 and scheduled them to be published. I also started the Day 2 fanfiction. Then I became very busy and realised, it’s hard to come up with a random story about a particular theme you might not be prepared for and know nothing about, much less write one every day for 30 days. Add to this the fact that I work full-time (and some part-time on the side) and I’m running out of time. So I’ve come to a decision. I will complete the challenge. But maybe not in order and not in 30 consecutive days. I would like to be finished before the end of the year, but I’m not promising it.

I have decided that a 30 day blogging challenge should be about keeping yourself stimulated and keep writing things constantly. I think that should be about whatever you want, as long as you keep writing. In contrast, I think the 30 day creative challenge should be about, well, writing creatively. It shouldn’t contain the added pressure of forcing yourself to churn one out every day. Especially when they’re so structured. Creative writing isn’t all about structure.

So, three down, twenty-seven to go. Forty-eight days to do them if I want it done by the new year. But like I said, no pressure.

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