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CREATIVE WRITING CHALLENGE: Day 2 – Yes I know it’s late

Feeling in a sci-fi mood, my fanfiction challenge will be based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer after the final season. *May contain spoilers*

Day 2: Write a fanfiction

willow and kennedy

“Kennedy can you get me some water?” Willow barely got the last word out before she landed on the ground of her and Kennedy’s apartment. She heard the rush of feet and knew Kennedy was already beside her. She could hear her voice too, but it was coming in and out.

“Will…what happened…ok?…Buffy…” It was that last utterance that made Willow try to sit up.

“No,” she mustered. “Buffy’s still travelling. It’s called a faint, Kennedy. The garden variety. People do it all the time, not exactly cause for supernatural concern. What?” Willow was getting annoyed by Kennedy’s constant worrying. It felt like the fearless new slayer was constantly looking for mystical forces where there were none. Particularly now that The First was gone, Willow was a goddess and the world was crawling with real slayers. She felt there was even less cause for concern. But even compared to lately, Kennedy’s worried face now had taken a new form of panic.

“It wasn’t just a faint, Will. There was, like, some massive orby lighty thing on your chest and everything went slow. Then the light was gone, like it left your body. Looked like some major mojo to me.”

Willow’s eyes widened. “Ok…so, I didn’t really know that. But it’s still not anything we need to call Buffy for. You’re, a slayer too now remember? There’s nothing she can do that you can’t.” She tried to calm Kennedy with the conviction in her voice but the truth was she didn’t have any, and she still felt very weak.

“Fine. I’ll call Giles. He’ll know what to do. He’s good with this magic stuff right?” Kennedy tried to sound sure of herself too but she couldn’t muster much more fake confidence than Willow had. Defeated, Willow nodded.

When Kennedy had her in a chair, Willow was left alone while Kennedy went to call Giles in England. A small sadness overwhelmed her. It was times like this that she would miss Tara. Just for a moment. She wasn’t unhappy with Kennedy, but Kennedy really didn’t understand magic. Even the little bit of darkness that she saw pre-final battle with the Big Bad, only made her understand that Willow was once capable of being dangerous. She had no idea of the magnitude of the journey with magic she had been on since she was sixteen. From floating pencils to becoming the most powerful witch on earth, to the darkest corner and back. That was the biggest part. The chasm that was making it back from the brink, still holding the power that evil had brought her but having to harness and control it so that it didn’t control her. All driven by her loss of Tara, the one person in the world who understood her world, who understood the dark path she was going down long before she got there.

dark-willow-buffy-red-eyesThen it consumed her. Right there, in the chair, it all went black around her, and she was once again consumed with darkness. Sparks of power flying from her body. It didn’t feel like good, goddess power. It felt like ultimate blackness. It tasted like it had that day. She felt like she was being transported back to that day, back to when she drank the books of dark magic dry. It filled her, became her. She heard the pleas of a man – Warren. She heard his skin rip off. She felt the drain of the dark magic. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was Tara, dead in her arms.

When she woke up, Willow was in bed with Kennedy and Giles on either side. She tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come out. Luckily, Giles filled in the gaps and Willow already felt more secure.

“Your powers appear to have been drained,” he said in an oddly calming voice.

“What? But how? I’m still a goddess amn’t I? I mean who or what could drain my powers? And why?” All the questions were making her feel dizzy and she rested her head back on the pillow as she waited for Giles’ response.

“You did,” he said simply. “You’re the only one who can with the kind of power you have. You’re the only one who can put it back.”


“I’m not sure, you have to think about what you were doing before this happened. What were you thinking about, what made you black out, can you remember?”

“No,” Willow lied. But after eight years, Giles could read her like a book. “Kennedy could you make us some tea?” When she left the room, Giles quietly shut the door and turned back to Willow.

“Ok, so I don’t know what happened when I fainted but when Kennedy went to call you, I started thinking about things, I don’t know why but I missed Tara, just for a sec, and then my mind filled with her, filled with everything mystical I’d been through. I wasn’t thinking about it anymore it was just there. It was in me. I could feel the dark magics again, Giles, controlling me. I felt everything I felt when I was evil in a rush. I was holding Tara after she’d been shot. Then I woke up here.” Willow’s voice was weak but she wanted to get everything out before Kennedy came back.

“You’re still grieving. You let yourself grieve for her and move on before but you’re still blocking her out. You’re still afraid to let yourself think of her. Afraid you can’t think of her without hurting Kennedy, afraid you can’t be with Kennedy and think of her without disrespecting both of them.” He tried to remain calm but Willow could hear the strain of frustration in his voice. She knew what it meant; he couldn’t help her. She had to do this herself.

“It’s the same as when you became a goddess. The only way to completely be sure you had overcome the power inside you was to go deep within and get to what lies beyond the dark magic. Only this time you are a goddess. You have greater deep-rooted strength. You can do this.” Giles turned to the door, he could hear clanking of cups in the kitchen. “And I suggest you do it now, I will explain to Kennedy.”

“But I don’t even know what I’m doing!” Willow was scared but Giles didn’t seem phased. “Go deep into your mind. Only you will know what you will find and how you can unlock your powers. But be careful. The darkness is in there somewhere and it clearly still has some power. You must not let it control you.”

Feeling like she was out of options, Willow leaned back, closed her eyes and let her mind wander as she began to follow it. Suddenly the room seemed so far away.

Images of darkness, passed demons, dark magic raced across her eye line. Fear was rising up inside her. The dark magic was drawing her close. She couldn’t see anything, she could only feel it. But somewhere within the darkness she felt a spark. It barely got her attention away from the sticky dark threads. But once it had her attention it held it until she saw something. A blue light, like a firefly. Where had she seen it before?

It got right up to her face before she recognised it. It was the light Tara had sent to find her a few years ago after the resurrection spell. Instinctively, she followed it. She felt herself walking passed the darkness that was calling her. Her stomach was doing knots as she walked. She could still feel its presence and she was still remembering everything she did when she was evil. But she continued to focus on the blue light and the pain got easier. Her mind started to lighten. Physically, she could see the walls around her. Behind her, a dark corner was getting smaller, retreating. She suddenly felt weak and dropped to her knees. The blue light got so brilliantly bright it seemed to explode. Then she heard her voice.

“Willow…” she could never forget her voice.

“Tara?” Tears fell from Willow’s face as she called out into the bright abyss.

“Willow, you don’t have to let me go to move on. But you’re linking your powers to me too much. That part you have to let go. You’re punishing yourself still.” Tara’s words echoed as if from all over the room. Was Willow even in a room?

“Tara, I can’t. You’re the only reason I was able to overcome the dark. You knew long before I did that I would be dangerous.”

“No, Willow, I caused it. You didn’t overcome evil because of me, you let evil get hold of you because of me. You felt like you lost everything so you gave in. Xander pulled you back and Giles trained you to control the power. Then you harnessed it yourself and came out on the other side. You got to what was on the other side of the darkness. You did that alone. The last memory you have of me is your transition to ultimate darkness.”

“No! I can’t associate you with that darkness, that was me not you.” Willow pleaded with Tara’s voice to stop. She didn’t want to believe any of this was true. But Tara’s voice continued to explain.

“You have to recognise your own strength. You have to get to the other side of the dark thoughts. You have to allow your powers to take you on the full journey and stop suppressing it. You deserve happiness Willow. You’re a goddess now.”

“But Kennedy said an orb left my body before I thought about the past and blacked out. Was that my power? Why did that happen?” Willow was panicked but Tara’s voice remained calm.

tara“Kennedy. You love her, and she loves you. She reminded you of me, of us. You fainted before your subconscious had even registered the memory. You are very powerful. It works faster than your brain, the magic.” Tara was suddenly in front of Willow now, glowing brightly. Just an apparition for sure, Willow thought, but the sight overwhelmed her. After sometime of just gazing, Willow eventually broke the silence.

“What do I have to do? How do I get my powers back?”

“Just go back.” Tara said.

“That’s it? Just turn around and go back the way I came?” But the words were only out of her mouth when Willow realised the magnitude of what she’d said. “I have to leave. I have to leave you.”

The light had dulled and Willow was just left facing a very faded apparition of Tara in a darkening room. It wasn’t appealing, yet it was all she wanted more than anything. but Tara’s words rang out and reminded her of Giles. “get to what lies beyond…”

Tears streaming down her face, she got up slowly from the floor. As she went to speak, Tara placed a ghostly finger on her lips. “You have to go now.” The apparition started to fade more and, like ripping off a band-aid, Willow turned from her and ran. As she ran, she could gently feel the darkness in the corner expand and pull her towards it. But nothing felt as strong or as painful as running away from Tara. Darkness was no match for that pain. But Willow knew she couldn’t let death consume her any more than evil. She could feel the warmth of her bed but just before she reached her conscious state, she cast a backwards glance and saw only a faint blue light in the darkness before it disappeared.

She woke up to the faces of Giles and Kennedy looking panicked. “Did it work?” was all she could muster. Then she noticed her cheeks were wet with tears.

“The orby thing I saw earlier? It went back in. So I guess so?” Kennedy turned to Giles as if to double-check. Giles simply handed Willow a pencil. Willow knew what to do to test herself.

“You still seem weak. You shouldn’t try anything else but this will show us if you were successful,” he said.

Without hesitation, Willow put the pencil down, focused on it and within seconds it was levitating at her eye line. All three of them smiled with relief.

While Willow stayed resting in bed, Giles said his goodbyes and Kennedy walked him to the door. Alone in her room and already feeling stronger, Willow sent up a silent prayer of thanks to Tara and drifted off to sleep.


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