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The twitter machine and its friends

I am on a lot of social media. There are very few things I do not have an account with.


Facebook and Twitter? of course.

A YouTube account? Sure.

LinkedIn? Why not, even though I don’t really know what I’m using it for.

Google+? Ah sure, I have Gmail anyway, might as well.

Instagram? Of course I want pretty, artistic pictures and a place to share them.

Speaking of pretty pictures, Pinterest? Yes please.

Klout? I only learned about its existence this week but I must have it! My score is 58? I don’t know what that means but cool!

The only ones I’m really addicted to checking constantly are Facebook and Twitter (and, currently my fantasy football team). But nothing has quite tipped the scale from “I have a lot of social media apps” to “Is there some kind of meeting I can attend?” as Snapchat has.

I'm not sure, but I think he's mocking me...

I’m not sure, but I think he’s mocking me…

I didn’t get the attraction. Send random self-destructing, captioned pictures to people back and forth? But I bowed to peer pressure and downloaded it expecting to immediately get the attraction and be hooked. But I wasn’t. It was exactly what I thought it was and I just didn’t care.

I still kind of don’t. I don’t have the addiction others do, I’m not in danger of sending drunken Snapchats… truth be told, I don’t really use it much and I wouldn’t miss it. So why is it still on my phone?

What if I miss something important. What if the perfect Snapchat moment happens to me and I can’t Snapchat it to anyone because I’ve deleted it? What if someone wants to send me something cool but can’t because I’ve deleted it? It’s like that top that you never where because it’s out of fashion and goes with nothing. You should throw it out but what if you need it some day? What if purple feathers come back into fashion? Or you need it for a costume? So you keep it.

Just like that terrible item of clothing, Snapchat lives on in my iPhone, along with the 15 other ways you can find me online. I may have a problem…

*PLEASE NOTE: I do not own an item of clothing with purple feathers and I don’t believe such a thing was ever in fashion.


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