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Post-holiday blues are 20 times worse in Ireland

I feel blue. This is ironic considering I just came back from a week surrounded by clear blue skies and blue seas (and, okay, yellow sand but still, a lot of blue). Now that I am home in the humble city of Dublin I am surrounded by grey skies, grey pavements, grey clouds, everything grey. But now I feel blue.

Yes, it’s the post-holiday blues unfortunately. Just as the weather was beginning to turn miserable, I escaped to Lloret de Mar in Spain.

So this is a short lament to the wonder that was the Spanish coast for a week. I realised while I was over there that it was my first sun holiday in three years, and as we all know, this is a very depressing thought for Irish people who severely lack Vitamin D for most of the year due to far too much truth to the common Facebook ‘joke’:


I do realise I’m probably depressing myself more and maybe I’m even rekindling other people’s post-holiday blues from the summer. For that I apologise. But I need my time (and blog post) to moan as I’m sure some people reading this are experiencing better weather than I am. I mean, Australians are just about to head into their summer; that’s just unfair.

There were fantastic restaurants along the beach. There were glasses of wine served for €2.25. There were bottles of Frexinet sold in shops for €6.60. There were cocktail bars that gave you free t-shirts after four cocktails. If I don’t write my lament down here, I might start to think it was all just a dream, because for people in Ireland, it often is just a dream.

Can I just live here?

Can I just live here?


2 thoughts on “Post-holiday blues are 20 times worse in Ireland

  1. Nice to know its not just me! Arrived back from Lloret de mar on the 26th, if you were unfortunate enough to see a dozen idiots running around in blue and white trunks, that was us.

    Now, like you, I’m feeling blue being back here in Scotland 😦

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Still don’t feel better unfortunately. I don’t recall but if you saw a couple acting way younger than they looked playing the “don’t get knocked over by the waves” game, that was us.

      We can all be blue together.

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