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Hey, Facebook told me it’s your birthday

Facebook is a terrible phenomenon. There I said it.

This isn’t some dramatic statement in which I delete my profile and leave the site forever. I’m too addicted for that. But just because smokers continue to smoke, doesn’t mean they don’t know it’s terrible for them. it also doesn’t mean they’re going to stop any time soon.


I could write a book on all the reasons Facebook is terrible but instead I’m just going to focus one part: birthdays.

m6kmeFacebook has ruined birthdays. Birthdays on Facebook consist of your 500+ friends (a.k.a. 20 friends and 480 acquaintances you barely know or remember) plaguing your page with meaningless “Happy Birthday”s and “Have a great day”s…

Furthermore, that seems to get your 20 odd real friends out of texting or calling you. “Oh I sent you a Facebook post on your wall, did you not see it among the 300 others?”

This leads me to my next point. Much like spell-check has led to an over dependent population who can no longer spell on their own, I, along with many others have developed a subconscious reliance on Facebook to tell us when people’s birthdays are. As such, I have become forgetful with people’s birthdays when I didn’t used to be.

Now that I mostly look at Facebook on my mobile device and birthdays don’t come up on the home page the way they do on a PC unless you go looking for them, I have become that bitch who forgets everyone’s birthdays. Apologies all around.

However, I still favour texts over Facebook.


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