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BREAKING NEWS: Not all news is hard news


News is “all kinds of everything”…sorry…I’ll leave now.

I have recently opened up my mind to the idea that I should really feign a mild interest in major sporting events. Why? Because I am a journalist. I may not want to be a sports journalist but I now realise it’s just as embarrassing not knowing who’s in the All-Ireland Final as it is to admit that you didn’t know there was going to be a bus strike and it’s also embarrassing to admit you didn’t know the Royal Baby was born. (Don’t worry, I knew all of those things when necessary).

I’m not saying I used to think sports wasn’t important, I work in a newsroom. But I didn’t think it was important for me to be aware of it if I had no interest. However, that was incredibly narrow-minded of me and having seen the error of my ways, I have decided to get atop a massively high horse and tell others to feign interest in things they currently have no interest in.

I know plenty of people who say we should not care about certain things and certain things are not real news. Technically, everything is news; but on a busy news day, the items lower down on the food chain will never make the cut.

Entertainment is news, farming is news, technology is news, fashion is news. Sure, they rarely, if ever, make the first ten pages of our national newspapers but does that mean they are not news? Certainly not, they are merely niches.

The public will choose the news they want to know, which is fine (although there are several people I would like to educate in what they should be paying attention to) but journalists are a different story.

The two subjects that once scared the bejaysus out of me:












Sure, some subjects are so far out of our comfort zone we’d rather avoid it as much as possible and many will manage to do this without letting their career suffer. However, two separate experiences have inspired me to take an interest in subjects that were once lost on me and has shown me reason to believe that even a little bit of knowledge about as many subjects as possible, goes along way, and enhances your career in journalism.


4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Not all news is hard news

  1. I’m finding many things to agree with on your blog tonight! Sports news is a kind of dilemma for me too. I found it wasn’t such a problem when I was working in the US because it’s impossible for you to be expected to know about everything going on in the sporting world in such a big country…but in Ireland there are definitely strange glances given if you don’t know the basics. And I literally know nothing. I have absolutely no idea who is playing who (or in what sport) from one week to the next and I’m always afraid to admit my complete and utter lack of knowledge (or interest)!

  2. You’ve got to have your ear to the ground about everything if you want to be a successful journalist or writer. It helps you to spot stories, and also wider trends that could lead to future stories.

    • Agreed. I’ve come to learn it’s just ignorant and naive to ignore things that everyone’s talking about just because you might not deem them ‘news-worthy’.

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