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Arriving at a job interview early

Ok, obviously it’s advisable that you have plenty of time to get to a job interview, even if said interview is supposedly informal. I’m a great one for this, I must say. I’ve never been late, more often than not I’ve been half an hour early, which is usually fine; it gives me a chance to find the office, prepare myself, get lost if that happens. However, I have recently discovered some of the downsides to arriving early in certain situations.

At a recent “informal interview” I was all set with my nice smart outfit, high heels and portfolio in the bag, knowingly prepared to be a half hour early but sure I could go for a coffee. No, don’t go for coffee, you don’t want coffee breath…tea, have some tea. Should I pee before I leave? No I’ll be grand. Off we go. I’ve reached town on my bus; crap, now I do need to pee. I’ll go to Stephen’s Green…or will I? It’s so far. Better not put my heels on yet so. Oh a text. Can we meet in the coffee shop across the road from the office? No problem. I better make sure I know where that is.



Ok I found the coffee shop, but crap I didn’t mean to go in straight away. Ah sure, I might as well wait here anyway. This does not seem like the place to be pulling out a giant portfolio on the tiny table. Ah well. Oh no. I just realised I’m after sitting down with my back to the door. Not smart; now she’ll have to find me. *Looks around* Ok I’m the only one sitting by myself (with two menus and no coffee – well that’s embarrassing), at least that means it’ll be easier for her to spot me. I still need the bathroom but I’m grand now and anyway I don’t really want to get up and leave my seat.

Crap! My heels are still in my bag…ok…just casually take one shoe out of your bag at a time and change them. Everything’s fine, nothing to see here…just pulling some heels out of my Mary Poppins bag…no big deal. I’m not enjoying the looks I’m getting from the waitresses. Pity looks. That’s what they are. No, my boyfriend/friend/family member didn’t stand me up, I swear, I’m just really early that’s all. Ok, five minutes to go. Now I’ll order a tea. Ah grand she just came in, and I only wasted 64% of my phone’s battery keeping myself busy.

Have you been here long, she says. “No, just five minutes…”

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3 thoughts on “Arriving at a job interview early

  1. This is hilariously true. I had two interviews this week. I usually do the whole 30 minutes early thing but decided to go for a chilled out, nothing will go wrong kind of attitude on Wednesday. Bad decision. I ended up having no time to calm myself (or fix myself up in a mirror!) before going into the interview and it went terribly.

    The next interview was two days later and I arrived 40 minutes early (ridiculous, I know) to make up for my earlier mistake…but as you said, that has its downsides too. I ended up pacing around the building for half an hour looking like a total weirdo to the security guards.

    Honestly, there just is no right time to arrive. Cut it too fine and you’ll start to panic. Give yourself too much time and you’ll run out of things to do and overthink the entire situation (and your life) as you wait for the interviewer. And if you shoot for somewhere between too early and too late, inevitably something unexpected will happen and screw up your plans one way or another.

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