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Two years on: Time for a change?

I am a girl who gets bored with things. I am the type who changes Facebook profile pictures constantly, I used to change Bebo skins every second day and could change my phone’s wallpaper on a regular basis. But then if I stick with something for long enough, it will be imprinted there permanently and it will take a lot for me to change it. I had one Facebook profile up for a year, my twitter profile has only seen two pictures in three years. You know when you get so used to something that you can’t imagine changing it to something different?

My humble blog turned two years old in April of this year and I’m happy to say that it is currently at its strongest. But I’m starting to wonder if I could own it a bit more? Make the design a bit more personal (without spending any money on themes). 

A recent discussion about whether or not the white text on the dark background was easy to read led me to re-evaluate my blog design. It’s a very generic theme and it doesn’t say a whole lot about me. But the more I thought, the more questions entered my head.

Side bar on the left or right?

Side bar on the left or right?

Should I have an about panel down the side?

Should I change the colours?

Should I have a background image? Or a header image?

Should I have a big picture on the home page?

Do I need to change my categories?

How much will I be able to change for free?

I then couldn’t work out if I was getting so confused because I was so married to how my blog looks right now, or just because I didn’t want to change it. I was pretty sure I did want to change it but didn’t want to sacrifice any of my current settings for a theme that looks less than impressive. I still want those widgets down the side, I still want my categories up the top, whatever they may be in the future. I also wanted to look at creating my own header/logo for the top of the page.  I’m willing to change, but it has to be the right one. As I wouldn’t call myself the master of WordPress design, or the master of anything with the word ‘design’ in it for that matter, I’m willing to take any tips going. Keep an eye out for what will probably be a gradual renewal of To My Write over the next month.

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