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Drive-by blog post: A little less conversation…

Well this is awkward...

Well this is awkward…

I present to you, four situations you have probably experienced and yet it never gets easier. They are the situations that require meaningless small talk and awkward conversation.

– Riding the elevator with someone you don’t know. The awkwardness. It’s too long a time for the silence not to be uncomfortable but too short to start any sort of conversation. And what do you even say?

– Sitting near colleagues that ask how you are. Oh no, it’s that awkward middle bit where it’s kind of the start of a conversation but there’s nothing else to say. There’s no turning back.

– Getting your hair cut. They’re either really chatty and that’s fine, or they don’t talk at all and that’s fine too. But then there are some that try to start a conversation and it falls flat. Great. Now everyone feels uncomfortable.

– Having someone you kind of know sit near you (or worse, beside you) on public transport and you have to make small talk. It’s grand at first, but suddenly it’s a long way to town…

I agree with Elvis on this one – a little less conversation please.


2 thoughts on “Drive-by blog post: A little less conversation…

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I think its easier if the other person is a complete stranger. You can ramble on about all sorts of inane things, the weather; the traffic; are you doing anything nice at the weekend; did you do anything nice at the weekend, blah blah blah. It’s when the other person is kind of an acquaintance that I struggle. After the how are you and how is the family………? 🙂

    • I agree, I think the only way is to treat them the same and talk about inane topics and pray they’re getting off the bus soon. There’s always an awkward moment where you consider putting your earphones back in…but no, that’s rude… 🙂

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