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Shameless plug: The ups and downs of starting up a website

Alright, so while this is obviously going to be a massively shameless plug about my new website, which I set up with the wonderful Lizzie Nolan, it is also going to be about the trials and tribulations we went through in the process of setting it up.



The first thing we wanted was a simple way to design the site as much as we wanted, and we wanted a .ie domain. Try to talk to people who know what they’re talking about before you start buying domains and website builders, and believe me this is not a how-to for you because I still can’t fully figure out what we did. However, I will say Wix.com is a really easy site builder for design. Now, if you can find a better one with an easier way to connect a domain then go ahead. Like I said, the rigmarole we went through proves that I am exactly the person not to listen to, however we did get there in the end.

The next thing we had to do was find time while we were working and studying in college to actually decide on things: What the website will be about, the name, the logo, the colour scheme, etc. There’s a lot to think about and  we had many a sit down meeting between classes, work and assignments and decided on a colour scheme and logo. From Wix.com we were able to log in and mess with the design and send each other screen shots to decide what looked best.

Then once again, we had to go on hiatus in favour of final assessments and exams in college. We had a website, we had an empty design, and for about three weeks straight I was back and forth with calls and emails to successfully connect up our purchased domain with the website. Eventually this worked and it was only a matter of publishing the site to make fully sure it worked. But we needed some content first, with no time to write it.

Weeks passed before we were both organised enough to work on ideas and articles for the site. But we worked really hard over the last two weeks to get this website up and running. The toughest thing was sourcing as many ideas as possible in one go and getting as many articles written so that the site would have some decent content online.

Not to mention the problems we faced at the final hurdle with just days to the deadline, we hit publish and the site did not publish. Why? Because the domain was pointing to the wrong name server (I’m pretending to know what that means exactly). Luckily, 24 hours later, as promised, the site went live successfully and our baby was born.

We are currently building our content at the moment so make sure you check it out. As well as that, we want to give our Facebook and Twitter pages some life.

You can have a look at our baby at www.shesays.ie

If you’d like to contribute to it, write to us at shesays.ie@gmail.com.

Finally, there are a few days left in the competition we’re running on the site so be sure to check that out.


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