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An appreciation for other blogs

I am sad and ashamed to admit that up until recently, I actually read very few blogs. I think from now on (WARNING: Possible unintentionally empty promise alert) I’m going to post about one blog each month that has stood out for me, a new blog every month that I have read and decided it is 100% worth a recommendation. No doubt it will be an advanced blog and I’m appealing to a smaller audience than they already have but still, it’s the sentiment that counts I think.


Also, since it’s May, and five seems like as good a number as any, I’m going to list my current top five blogs that I recommend you to have a look at, as well as their twitter account if you want to follow them.

Girl on the Contrary Girl Contrary (real name unknown)

This girl, whoever she may be, is from Texas. Therefore, she says y’all a lot. Not as annoying as you would think but I felt the need to warn my Irish readers; y’all is a term not exercised here. We say ‘ye’ (pronounced yee). So, short snappy reasons why I like this blog: the first post that took my notice was one about punctuation, an exclamation mark, in fact. (Stand by for a ranty post about the exclamation mark). But also I read other posts and they range hugely in size but not at all in hilarity, check out the one about things she should worry about but doesn’t…there’s a promise of rogue cows, need I say more?

Pretty Purple Polka Dots Aoife Bennett

This blog appeals to me because it is full of personality, ranting and genuinely random musings. It will probably appeal to you because it is random and ranty like mine so if you read my stuff, you’ll most certainly read hers. She’s currently taking part in the Blog Every Day in May challenge answering 31 questions about herself so expect plenty of activity for the next while.

Grumpy Comments Felix O’Shea

Again, quite a random but also very short posts, that sometimes make very little sense and yet they’re funny. He takes a sarcastic look at things that happen in his life, in particular a few very funny encounters with his girlfriend. Like I said, the posts are very short, not connected and often don’t have much more of a point other than what is presented to you. But what is presented to you needs very little for you to ‘get’ it. Highly humourous.

World of Writing –  Derbhile Dromey

When I started flicking through her blog, I wanted to read all the posts, but with little time on my hands I only stopped to read some that jumped out at me most. However, it’s one of the few blogs I would definitely go back to read as many previous posts as I can. It appeals to me as a writer, a journalist and aspiring author. If you are any of those things this blog is a must. If you’re not, it’s still worth a glance because it still makes for interesting reading.

Sweet and Weak – Name unknown

There is one major reason why this blog is so good. It’s not relatable to me at all, or at least it shouldn’t be. He’s a husband and dad of two little girls, I’m a 21-year-old female graduate. Yet, somehow, I love this blog. I like it because it’s funny and I think anyone who has ever met and Irish mammy or daddy will get this blog. It’s also got a few of those extremely short two-line blog posts, which are highly underrated and something that is missing from my blog. Something to be considered I think.

Definitely check out those five blogs for now and I’ll have one new one for you every month (hopefully).


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