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Black and white and read all over

As promised, multiple posts.

As you probably know, I have finished college and cried a lot in the process. But there was one element in particular that played a massive part in my college life and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it: The College View.


It’s no secret that I am first and foremost a writer. I may have shamelessly plugged my time on the radio and made a very small appearance on television, but I was always a print woman through and through, and no matter where I end up, at heart I always will be.

The College View's front page, Issue 9, Volume XV.

The College View’s front page
Issue 9, Volume XV.

My journey with The College View started in the first week of college. I was given a news story to write and my name appeared in the paper three days into my college experience. My name has never been out of it since. Mostly I wrote one feature and one news story in every issue after that, until I was hired as a deputy features editor at the start of my second semester. That’s how I ended up on the masthead. Features was where I felt most at home. I could exercise more creativity here and write more in-depth, show a little personality. From there, I went for and got the position of features editor for the following year when they were replacing the editorial team. I then worked all through second year as a section editor of the paper. I went for editor-in-chief when the position became available at the end of the year, up against one of my closest friends.

He got the job over me but I was hired as deputy editor and I managed to keep my role as features editor. Working both roles was tough and I had to take a step back from writing. But I’ll never forget the things I learned as deputy editor from him and when the position opened up in semester two, I was given the job of editor-in-chief.

It was emotional, both good and bad. It made me want to jump out of a five-storey window at times, and other times it just made me proud. The skills I learned putting that newspaper together will stay with me for life, and even now, seeing my name in print still gives me butterflies of excitement.

I feel like The College View has become part of me now. It’s been my baby for three years, I’m one of the few veterans that worked all the way up from first year and was there to put the penultimate paper of the year to bed before a new team was appointed for the traditional ‘handover’ issue. It’s been such a massive part of my life that I’ll be sad to see it go, despite everything. I can do no more, but only hope it’s looked after and that it’s in safe hands.

The team won People's Choice at the Smedias in 2012.

The team won People’s Choice at the Smedias in 2012.


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