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It’s that time of year again…

Given how unusually and unexpectedly busy this month was, I have generously given myself until the end of January to write up my new years resolutions and start them. Now that the “last chance saloon-ness” of this post has been explained, I will divulge my list for the world to see; first, a bit of self-criticism. Let’s see how I did with my 2012 list (read the detailed list here):

  1. Get rid of the blanket – done
  2. Read one book a month – fell down around May
  3. Make a start on my own book – fail
  4. Practice shorthand six days a week – fail
  5. Drink a glass of water every morning and evening – fell down around March
  6. Write everyday – done 
  7. Make monthly plans – fell down around September
  8. Clean my room at the end of the month – fail
  9. Go for a walk/jog once or twice a week – fell down around June
  10. Learn to drive – done (almost)
  11. Maintain my blog – done
  12. Do The Artist’s Way fail

OK, I could have done better, but I could have done worse. Learn to drive I technically succeeded in, I may not have my full licence but I can drive. Now, no dwelling on past failures, onwards and upwards:

  1. Practice shorthand – I’ll make this easier. One day a week for a month, then up the number of days every month. By August I should be up to every day.
  2. booksRead one book per month – I really am going to try to stick to it this time. I just need one book that’ll get me back into it. Suggestions anyone?
  3. Pass my driving test – I have now officially completed my 12 EDT lessons so I should be sitting my test in the next two or three months and I am determined to pass.driving
  4. Maintain my blog better – I did manage to maintain it pretty consistently last year but I would like to make that more consistent and possibly more frequent.
  5. Go for a walk once a week – It’s not for exercise it’s just for the sake of a bit of fresh air and head space. Weather permitting, of course.
  6. writingWrite every day – Like last year, everything counts. But I want to do more blog posts and articles and proper writing. Diaries and gratitude books can’t be all I write in.
  7. Brainstorm once a week – It sounds weird but not to journos. While my various current jobs have me brainstorming ideas constantly, I want to dedicate more time to personal brainstorming ideas (which will help with the writing every day).

OK, I plan to really stick to these, no matter what. Regardless of work, college and extra curricular activities or social life. I hope to keep you all posted (maybe that should be another resolution) and in the meantime, fill me in. What are everyone else’s resolutions?


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