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Did you know…do you care?

I have recently discovered that I know more random facts than I ever realised. Some of them, loads of people know, some of them a few people know and some of them nobody seems to know. Of course these aren’t really facts that you need to know to get on with your life. In fact, most of them you could live your whole life without ever finding out and you’d still be fine. But, in case you would like your mind blown today, here are some facts you may or may not know, and you may or may not care about.

It’s not really yoghurt you know…

  1. The distance from your elbow to your wrist is the same size as you’re foot.
  2. If you stretch your arms out to the sides, the distance from the top of your left hand across to your right hand is how tall you are.
  3. Your eyes never change size (that’s why babies’ eyes looks so big).
  4. Your ears and your nose never stop growing.
  5. Petit Filous is not actually yoghurt, it’s soft cheese (that’s what fromage frais means).
  6. You can’t taste food without saliva.
  7. 11% of the population are left-handed (including yours truly).
  8. When you hold in a sneeze you burst blood vessels.
  9. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is the same tune as the alphabet song.
  10. Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump.

How many of those did you know already? I have more, those are just my top ten.


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