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Peace and quiet? Not so much…

Apologies in advance for the slightly feminine slant on this post. I have always been a lover of Lush bath products. I don’t have baths often, who has the time for constantly bathing when a shower does the job better? For me, baths were merely a relaxation tool. All the clichéd thoughts of “melting your troubles away” come into effect. A full hour later I’m relaxation personified; or at least I used to be.

Lush bath products

I just attempted to have the first bath I’ve had in about a year. The water was even pink from the bubble bar I threw in. Incense lighting, I even put a face mask on for 15 minutes. I had intended on spending a further 45 minutes relaxing after I got rid of the mask…fail. At what point in my life did I lose the ability to turn my brain off? Is it something that happens to everyone? I actually wanted to get up before the 15 minutes were even up. After about 11 I was up, wide awake and fully aware thinking, “what now?”

Now I am literally at a loss. For those times when I am not motivated to work or do anything massively productive, I can’t even switch off and relax. Instead, I sit there aimlessly, with thoughts going a million miles an hour constantly. And this is not a roundabout way of saying “I’m so very smart with all my thoughts” because it’s not like any of them are even slightly clever. They’re just bees buzzing around.

I found a thing called analysis paralysis where you literally stun your brain with all the over thinking and analysing and hence render yourself incapable of making a decision. I’m starting to wonder if I have that.

I spent the passed two days trying to relax and take a break because I spend the rest of the week complaining about how busy I was and instead of using my time to do nothing, I found work to do. Also, it has come to my attention that I can no longer just watch TV or read or listen to music or the radio. I have to be texting, facebook-ing, tweeting and checking my email at the same time.

I have decided my brain needs an off button, a proper off button, like the one on the TV that turns it off fully, instead of just on standby. Am I the only one who’s like this?


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