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Shut up and drive!

Please ignore the horrendous photograph. Taking passport photos is not a favourite hobby of mine…

I realise that before my last post it had been three months since I was here, apologies…but I have had good reasons. While some of my New Year’s resolutions have flopped (as expected), one thing I have done and will hopefully complete by the end of 2012 is begin the learning to drive process. I’m currently at the provisional license point. It came in the post today; I’d have had it on Friday if the Motor Tax Office didn’t close at 3.30pm everyday. The less said about that the better.

So, starting from scratch, without spending any money on my 12 mandatory lessons, I have spent €45 on my theory test, €15 on my provisional license application, €55 on an eye test and €6 for passport photos (and yes, I used all four photographs). Don’t worry, you don’t have to find a calculator, that’s €121 without even getting into the driving seat (not that I’m going to pretend the folks didn’t help a little – or a lot).

Aside from the lessons, which no doubt cost an average of over €300, there’s the whole issue with getting insured on a car or possibly having to get my own car. As much as I want something like this:

Aston Martin

I’ll probably end up driving something like this…if I’m lucky:

Fiat Punto

But if it does the job and doesn’t cost be thousands in breakdowns and repairs, that’ll do. The other thing I’ve discovered is that it’s now impossible to get a full license in 2012 because I’m not even allowed apply until I’ve had my provisional for six months. I know the logic behind it, the more practice the better. But, they consider 12 mandatory lessons enough to teach someone to drive (many would argue far less are necessary but that’s a different argument for a different day). If I do one lesson a week (and practice driving in between) I’d be ready to go within three months. So, there’s an extra three months attached the lessons, not to mention the eight to ten week waiting list once you do apply. Basically, this prevents me from fully completing my goal to have a full license in 2012, however my actual resolution was, “learn to drive” and I WILL* do that.

(*as a journalist, I almost always loath caps lock for words so the very rare occasions when I use it, you know I mean business.)


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