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How personal is too personal?

One of my many promised blogs. The more of these I write, the better I do with my new year’s resolutions. Obviously, my blog is somewhat of a personal blog. It’s my personal thoughts, musings, and rants about things. It has no set topic really and no outside opinions. Some of my posts are more personal than others, like the top ten songs that mean something to me and the one about my deadly teacher.

But even for that kind of post I try to keep the personal details to a minimum. I’m intrigued about what other people think about personal blog. In a seemingly personal blog, which is published on the very public internet, how personal is too personal? I’m quite torn myself. From my own self-awareness, I can easily say some of my best writing stems from really personal situations. Needless to say, none of this writing ever makes it onto the web, but perhaps it will surface someday when I’m a famous writer (I’m currently trying out this positive thinking thing). I often wish it was fiction so that I could publish it somewhere. Like I said, it’s my best work in my opinion and you always want your best work to be critiqued. But do people really want to read about that? I only read blogs about specific subjects that I want to know about and only then, if I like the writer to I follow their blog, even if they go off their original topic. But do I want to know about their personal life? I read a particularly detailed blog once and two things struck me as I read a few posts:

1) This is too invasive and personal.

2) I can’t stop reading it.

It was too invasive and personal, in my opinion. Too many precise details about this persons sexual escapades, yet at the same time, I wanted to read on. It was interesting and funny and it made me want to read more posts. Then I thought, “This is a person who knows exactly what a blog is and who can see it. They are clearly confident and have no inhibitions and at the end of the day, it’s interesting and people would want to read it (otherwise Sex and the City wouldn’t have done so well). Maybe there’s something in this.” From this I have come to the conclusion that people who publish interesting, humourous, readable content, however personal, should be commended. Who are we to judge the people¬†whose¬†personal blogs we continuously read? I say, more power to them.

On the other hand, there are those blogs that are just personal for the sake of being personal, like online diaries, but with no details left unpublished. If there’s no reason for other people to want to read them, then they probably are too personal. I mean who am I to say one of those people won’t turn out to be the next Anne Frank? However, it is highly unlikely. This sudden conclusion doesn’t mean I’m going to start publishing my wildly personal feelings and thoughts on this blog, because while I commend those people and believe they should be celebrated, I am not that brave, at least not yet.


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