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New year’s resolutions – Go beyond January

Ok, it’s now February 2, and (as promised) I am writing my new year’s resolutions. I have had them since the end of 2011 but I waited until now to write them because not only do 90% of people fail to keep their resolutions going beyond January (made-up statistic) but I heard that you shouldn’t actually start them until February for a number of reasons. Number one: new season, it’s spring, much happier than winter and number two, January is the most depressing month of the year apparently and who wants to start new year’s resolutions then? Also an important side note, it takes three weeks to break a habit, and the same goes for making a habit, so whether you’re giving up smoking, or going to the gym twice a week, that’s how long it’ll take before it becomes second nature. Anyway, I’ve decided to post my own resolutions. I would love to hear about other people’s too. I think putting them out there into cyberspace will make me more determined to do them.

  1. Get rid of the blanket – this wouldn’t make sense to most people but when I was young I had a small pillow I used to carry around with me. At some point I lost the pillow and just had the pillow case. Over the years it basically became a rag, which sat at the bottom of my drawer but I wouldn’t get rid of it for sentimental purposes. I have already gotten rid of it and it has been just over three weeks so I’ve made peace with the fact that it’s not there.
  2. Read one book a month – this is a slight variation of a previous resolution, it used to be read X amount every day/week. I decided one book a month is more obtainable because if I know it’s going to be a busy month (and you can generally tell) I’ll pick a short book. Also it gives room to allow me to read none one week and loads the following week. I need to get back into reading it’s very important.
  3. Make a start on my own book – I’ve wanted to write a book for years and you can’t write a book without sitting down and actually starting. It seems obvious but surprisingly, it’s not. So this weekend I’m going to make some form of a start on it, even if it’s just one page, and maybe by September my “new college year resolutions” will include ‘finish my book’.
  4. Practice shorthand six days a week – Technically you should do it every single day, but just to be realistic I’m giving myself one day off a week. I know I might miss more than that every now and again but hopefully by then I’ll be stuck in the habit. Even 20 minutes a day will be better than nothing, it’s a good skill and I bothered to learn it and I paid for it (well, my dad paid for it) so it can’t be all for nothing. But it will be if I don’t have it in a routine. (If you don’t know what shorthand is, look at the picture below.)
  5. Drink a glass of water every morning and evening – I am a severely dehydrated person. I suffer headaches, foot cramps, bad skin and munchies even when I know I’m not hungry. That’s all down to not drinking enough water. I know you’re meant to have like eight glasses a day but I figure one glass every morning and evening is doable and will set me off to a good start.
  6. Write everyday – I know there’s a lot of books and writing in my resolutions, but I’m a writer so is that really a surprise? Mostly, I end up writing everyday, through working on articles and things like that, but I need to make sure I write on days that I don’t have work to do. Even if it’s just a blog post, a diary entry or a page in my gratitude book. Since I’m starting a book this resolution should be a piece of cake.
  7. Make monthly plans – This is the best way to keep really productive (also how I’m going to know how busy the month should be). At the end of every month I make a general plan for what’s happening that month and what I have to get done. It’s nice and vague so there’s room to manoeuvre but it will hopefully help me stick to goals by the month. Also since a lot of my resolutions are easily worked out by the month it’ll help me stick to those too.
  8. Clean my room at the end of the month – Another monthly resolution, it’s realistic and usually after a month is when it starts to get messy so as long as I keep it tidy every month it shouldn’t be that hard to keep up. Also it’ll get my mother off my back about it.
  9. Go for a walk/jog once or twice a week – I started this last week and went for two runs. It’s really just to keep me fit, I don’t need to lose weight but I am incredibly unfit. It’s also good to get that fresh air and clear your head. Once/twice leaves it open. I should always find time for one half hour walk in the week even when it’s really busy so I’m aiming for two every week and one is if I get busy or lazy. I’ll probably only get one this week but I’m going to hot yoga tomorrow so I think it’s ok.
  10. Learn to drive – This has been something I haven’t gotten around to in the past two/three years so I’m determined to do it this year. This month I’m going to buy the book/CD whatever, do the theory test and get my learner’s permit. That’ll get me going so that I’ll get those 12 mandatory lessons I need and so on.
  11. Maintain my blog – I need to get back into my routine of writing a blog post every week or every fortnight at least. Part of this resolution is to make good on all the promised blog posts. I have them all written down, I haven’t forgotten them!
  12. Do The Artist’s Way – This is one I added since 2012 began, click on the link to find out more but basically it is a book with 12 weeks worth of tasks that force you to unlock your creativity. Again this should help with all the writing aspects of my life.

That’s it, those are my 12 new year’s resolutions. 12 resolutions for the 12 months of 2012. I’ll try keep you posted on how I’m doing at the end of every blog post from now until the end of the year, hopefully I won’t disappoint.

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