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If you don’t have an iPhone, you can f**k off!

Apologies for the massive gap in my posts but I have been distracted by my AWESOME iPhone! Also, you know, assignments, Christmas work (more about that later), and various holiday merriment. But it’s true, I have joined the iPhone elite. How often have you seen that ad and wanted to kick the TV in? You know the one, “if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone”.

Yeah, that one. Now before you go throwing things at your laptop, I was one of those too. In fact, iPhone or not, I still want to kick the TV in when I see that ad. It’s obnoxious. But if a girl can’t have a moment to talk about her brand new iPhone, which her awesome brother/godfather and sister-in-law (shout out to them 🙂 ) got for her, on her own blog then there is something wrong with the world. I know I’m the girl with the empty blog post promises still, but one of my new year’s resolutions is to write the posts I have promised you. Don’t worry, I have a list – another one will be “my new years resolutions” I promise I’ll write that one next week.

So, for one thing, I am writing this blog via my iPhone with the free WordPress app. I’m slightly ashamed to say so far I haven’t paid for many (any?) apps. There are an awful lot of quality free ones if you don’t mind ads. Facebook and Twitter have obviously become addictions since I got the phone but there are some games I would personally recommend. Flood It was first shown to me online and it’s addictive. As is ricochet rampage. The most recent game I got was, pause for nostalgic gasp…original snake. From the good old blockia days.
Now, before you all tell me to f**k off with my iPhone rant I just want to list five top things I have done with my iPhone:
1) Researched my entire media law assignment.
2) Checked the latest releases in Xtravision and made sure we didn’t miss a Grey’s Anatomy on Sky+.
3) Downloaded free stuff with the 12 days of Christmas app (be sure to download this next Christmas).
4) Videoed my cousins (all aged 10 and under) singing Cee Lo Green’s “forget you” – the UNclean version…
5) Wrote this blog post.

I will do my best to never mention my iPhone again. I will, however, shamelessly plug myself forevermore.

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