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My top ten songs that mean something to me

So this is one of my more personal (and once again completely random) posts. I’m actually going to spend a whole other post talking about how personal people make their blogs and stuff. What is that now, three promises I’ve made to talk about stuff at another stage? I promise I will so don’t worry. Just to refresh your memory, there’s the story of how I got into journalism (I know it doesn’t sound riveting but just wait for it), more posts about ads, my work experience, not to mention my million dollar idea on how to not drop ice-cream. I know I’ve made promises, they’re all coming though, I promise. I know, I just did it again. Anyway, this post is about none of the above (for now).

I decided to take a walk down a more personal road, while avoiding spilling my diary out all over the web. I know everyone connects to music. Everyone has one or two or several songs that mean something to them. Is it the lyrics? Do they describe your life now? Or was it playing at a significant moment of your life? Or does it just remind you of someone, in all their glory or obscenity?

Music is a powerful tool in everyone’s life.

I’ve thought long and hard about this list. Most are sad and depressing. I am not depressed, I would like to state that now. But I listen to music a lot when I’m upset or angry about stuff and I really listen to the lyrics. They’re from all over my life so people who know me couldn’t even guess what they’re from. I have so many more that remind me of events and people, and maybe this will be another promised post, “More songs that mean something to me.” I have some funny ones and some embarrassing ones but these mean the most to me. They really take me back to that part of my life. Also I should probably point out, I use sad songs (or songs that reflect my mood) to get it out of my system. Without being too graphic, you know when you feel really nauseous and there’s nothing that’ll help until you throw up? It’s not pleasant, it’s gross and hard but once it’s done you feel miles better? I use sad songs when I’m upset to sort of, induce the feeling. To bring about the thoughts and the tears to stop myself from packing it at the back of my head. I find it cathartic. Maybe that’s just me. That’s probably why all the sad songs mean the most to me.

For some of the songs I put brief descriptions, for others I just wrote lyrics for a tiny bit of discretion. Bit of embarrassment on my part I guess. I know you can just listen to the lyrics but I’m not prepared to willingly share that part online. Maybe one day.

  1. Welcome To My Life – Simple Plan This song works most times I’m in a bad mood. Usually frustration. Mostly frustration from in my house, if I need to listen to this song, I usually need a walk too.
  2. Cry – Kelly Clarkson Again, the lyrics mostly work for most feelings of sadness. It has no specific moment in time but I have listened to it in many upset times.
  3. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield This one is probably the most inspirational song for me. I always listen to it when I’m feeling inspired to write. I first listened to it when I wrote my first complete short story.
  4. The Lengths – The Black Keys I don’t know why it stuck with me so much, but my boyfriend always plays it on guitar and it always makes me think of him now. It’s really nice.
  5. Danny Boy – Celtic Woman This one is quite close to my heart. My granny always used to sing this to my granddad, Dan. It was sang at her funeral too so it’s very important in my family.
  6. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica A bit embarrassing but my ex-boyfriend sang this at a talent show and accompanied himself on guitar. He was with someone else at the time but I was so into him and I remember standing at the back of the audience, completely taken in and feeling really upset, just for a moment, about the fact that he was with someone else.
  7. Set Fire To The Third Bar – Snow Patrol “I’m miles from where you are and I lay down on the cold grown and I, I pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms.”
  8. Full Of Grace – Sarah McLachlan I listen to this whenever I’m sad but it does remind me specifically of my granny and my uncle. This is my granny on the other side of my family. They died a couple of years apart, she was 94 but my uncle was only 61. Anyway, they were both in Tipperary so on the drive home from both funerals This song came on and it always reminds me both of them in general and of their funerals.
  9. Thinking Of You – Katy Perry – “What you would do if you were the one who was spending the night, oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes.”
  10. I Hate This Part – The Pussycat Dolls – “”I know you’ll ask me to hold on and carry on like nothing’s wrong but there is no more time for lies, ’cause I see sunset in your eyes.”

I’d love to hear any songs that mean a lot to you. Or if you have anything to say about my choices please feel free to comment.

Oh, also, I have another six word story for you:

“Coming up for air…there’s none”

6 thoughts on “My top ten songs that mean something to me

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  2. Music soothes the savage beast and the not so savage beast as well. I was surprised and pleased by #5 as it can be very polarizing, especially around Irish musicians here in the states. One of my musician cohorts (female) describes it this way “If you’re trying to hit on me and the only Irish song or tune you know is Danny boy, then, No I don’t know it, If you’re an old fella that just loves the song, yes, I’ll play it all night for you. First time on your site,
    Thanks for your insights,

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