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Come Dine With Me

I love Come Dine With Me. I love the Irish version and the English version and mostly I watch it for the excellent commentary from Dave Lamb. I think most people watch it just for him. I love it so much I felt it deserved a blog post all to itself.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that certain foods and problems come up in a lot of episodes. Now, I’m no connoisseur so I don’t see the importance of cooking certain foods and serving things a certain way and what’s easy and what’s not. However, since watching Come Dine With Me, I have learned that they are obsessed with cooking asparagus. Obsessed. As in, it’s in almost every episode at least once. Also, every time they put it on the menu, at least two people always say, they could cook that wrong and by the end at least one says “The asparagus was not cooked properly.”

Am I crazy? Any foody people out there reading this please enlighten me, what is so hard about cooking asparagus? Why do they always get it wrong? This is coming from someone who has never cooked asparagus so I’m not being sarcastic, I’m genuinely asking.

They’re also crazy about doing medleys or trios for dessert. They love doing that. I think it’s a combination of not wanting to put the pressure on one dish and also hoping everyone will like something on the plate. Again, on almost every show, at least one person insists on doing a trio of desserts, it’s usually, something with chocolate, homemade ice-cream (which almost never works out unless they have an ice-cream maker) and then some sort of fruit tart of bread and butter pudding.

At least one person always cooks beef and they nearly never cook it to everyone’s taste. Often I’ve seen them not even ask how they’d like their steak cooked, other times I’ve seen them ask even though they’re already cooked, and they’re all well-done. I’d steer well clear of beef unless I could pull that off. They often run out of one or both colours of wine, which I think is pretty bad. Also, maybe this is just me, but they rarely drink anything else. I know it’s a dinner party and wine is pretty much the most appropriate drink, but they never seem to have or offer anything else and sometimes I see people bringing their own stuff because they don’t drink wine.

Personally, I’d make sure I had spirits, wine and beer in the house and offer everyone whatever they wanted. Actually, if it’s anything other than the first day, I think they should really try to suss out as much as possible, find out who likes rare meat, who likes spicy food, and if anyone there doesn’t drink wine. Also I hate when they come to the door without anything for the host, I’d be mortified. It’s just good manners I think. There was one where a guest brought the host six bottles of Kopperberg because he knew she drank that rather than wine. See now, I think that’s making good observations.

Finally, although the snooping around the house is always good entertainment, I find it uncomfortable cause I think it’s really inappropriate in someone else’s house, even though they’re obviously told to, but people don’t do that at normal dinner parties.

Anyway, that’s my take on Come Dine With Me, most journalists talk about politics and current affairs in their blogs, I talk about reality TV.


2 thoughts on “Come Dine With Me

  1. It’s my guilty pleasure (along with Four Weddings)! I love it and you’re right, the narrator is the best bit about it! They make some really odd choices about what they cook; I often wonder if they’re ‘pushed’ that way by the production team just so that it makes ‘better’ TV.

    • I’ve thought about producer input myself actually ’cause if I was on it I’d make soup, spaggetti and spicy meatballs sticky toffee pudding. That’d pretty much be my only hope…and the only dinner I can make start to finish that’s completely home made. Also, I love four weddings.

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