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Cards, codes and other official business

It might just be my age. I’m only in college a year, getting a taste of the real world, dealing with proper professionals (having to act professional myself), you start getting a taste of feeling important. I am ashamed to say I spent half an hour – half an hour! – looking at a website that sold business cards. I just stared at the page for a while, then I started doing a mock-up of what mine would look like, picking all the different themes and designs, writing out all my details, I brought the final product to the paying stages and just looked at it in all its magnificence. Then of course I shook the crazy out of my head, closed the page and went straight to Facebook like a normal teenager (yes, I’m still a teenager if my age has ‘teen’ in the title).

But I spent the next half hour flicking through the business cards I had acquired from others over the past six months. They’re all so official and I feel so much more official just by receiving them. The problem is looking like a complete dope the moment you actually do get one. For me, it normally goes something like this:

What could have been…

“Oh, we simply must swap contact details, here‘s my card.”

“Oh, um thanks…do you have a pen and paper and I‘ll write my email down?”


“Thanks…do you want to save my number into your phone?”

The problem there is, even if they do that, they might look at that number or email and think, “Who the hell is this Jenny person?” Then BOOM – your number is deleted because they clearly don’t need it if they don’t know who you are. Not to mention you feel like an idiot when you’re scribbling your details on a scrap of paper while you clutch their perfectly professional business card. Aside from the negatives of not having a business card, I must admit I fell in love with the mere idea of having one simply because you’d be smoother than chocolate with it:

“Oh yes, I totally agree. Why don‘t you give me a call about that sometime? Here’s my card.”

SWISH! It’s like casually bribing the Maitr’ d for a better a table like in the movies. But what would I put on mine that would justify 500 business cards? I can’t put anything college-related because I’ll be out of there in two years. When I changed the text on the website from “Features Editor” to “Freelance Journalist,” it didn’t seem to have the same punch.

I’m also ashamed to say, on a final note, that I have been working in Dublin City FM three days a week, just for some work experience; and even though I work on a live show and I’ve gotten to help produce and present and do loads of other fun stuff, one of the highlights of my day is getting to enter the door code that gets me into the building in the morning. I’m not saying it’s the reason I’m there or anything and believe me I’ll talk about my work experiences at another stage. But it does give me a little extra lift in the mornings…makes me feel real official.


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