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The simple things

I was thinking the other day about all the simple things on any given day that put us into a great realm of different emotions. Things that most people may not even notice. However, some people might notice, feel a certain way and agree. Things like seeing an upturned ice-cream cone on the ground. That makes me quite sad because I think of the child that had it and was so happy before they possibly lost their balance and dropped the ice-cream; and just like that it’s gone. There’s no getting it back. I feel the same way when I see a balloon hugging the ceiling of a big shopping centre. I just imagine the happy child that owned it losing grip and letting it go. They make me think of disappointed children who were made happy by these simple things for not nearly long enough. I feel the same way about dog poo. Without getting too gross and graphic, you can always tell when someone has stepped in it. In ways, this is just as bad as upset children. We’ve all done it and it can make a day feel so much worse. It can literally make you feel like the world is against you.

Aww…ok now, get a room.

But there are also those moments that generate feelings of happiness, like when you see a cute couple holding hands or having a quick kiss (not sucking face) although this does not apply to bitter single people, and I’m not judging because I have definitely fallen into that category. I am not ashamed to confess that I hate Valentine’s Day, but only when I’m bitterly single, when I have someone, it magically transforms into a lovely holiday. Christmas is a great one for creating that endorphin feeling into your brain. The lights, the songs, the children’s un-containable excitement. It’s the only thing that will make people genuinely remember what it was like to listen out for reindeer hooves on the roof and to be amazed yet not surprised that the carrot and Guinness was gone from the fireplace. Also, I could be wrong about this, but has it ever happened to anyone that a stranger who walks by in the street smiles and says hello and that doesn’t lift your spirits even a little during a bad day? Mind you, I’ve found that fewer people do that when you’re in a bad mood because you radiate negativity. But when it does happen, it forces me to be polite and smile back and then I feel good because there was nothing fake about either smile. That random person gave me a reason to smile. When you put it like that it does sound like it should lift your spirits doesn’t it?

Finally, of course there are those little (or big) things that happen to you during your day that make you feel happy or annoyed. For me, it’s seeing my byline strapped on to a new article I had just finished. It genuinely never gets old for me. On the other hand, I’m good at taking and working off professional criticism but when it comes to criticism (even very helpful and constructive criticism) from people I know from my personal life, I struggle with it. It definitely puts a downer on my day. Don’t worry though, I am working on it. By the way, I think even in adult life, dropping your ice-cream is a very upsetting experience that no one should have to endure. Currently working on a million euro idea to stop that from happening.


3 thoughts on “The simple things

  1. I love this! I have to agree, it’s a great moment when someone is really randomly friendly. It always puts me in a better mood! I’d also have to agree about seeing your name on the byline. It really does never get old. Great post 🙂

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