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Childhood nostalgia

This was one of the easy levels in Rat Poker.

I love everything that takes you straight back to childhood. No matter how bad your memory is of certain things, one great film, book, game, picture or even smell just takes you straight back to a time when such a thing was so new. I had one of those days where I’m staring to look for things that will give me those feelings. In my house, we have this really old monster of a PC, a Windows 98. It sits dormant in my brother’s old room and it has the most amazing games on it that remind me of when I was young enough for that to be the ‘latest model’. They were Microsoft “Play the Puzzle” Collection and as far as I know, they came with the computer. A collection of about ten games that were infuriatingly addictive – so simple and yet deceptively difficult. Rat Poker was probably my favourite. Simply line the rats up in a certain colour pattern and send them on their way, but if it got to full, you’d here that dreadful alarm that sounds like a wooden spoon banging on a pot.

Only a few months ago, I got so desperate for childhood nostalgia, I managed to find Crash Bandicoot 1, 2 and 3 for the Playstation 1 on Ebay. It came to about €50 including postage and packing, which I think is pretty decent. It’s dangerous for my college studies because I play them so much, I only ever had the 3rd one when I was little and it brought me straight back to the first time I ever discovered you could get a platinum relic for time trials if you did it fast enough, or that first time I found out there were five extra levels down in the basement of the warp room. The first one reminded me of the first time I played that one in a friend’s house. I always remembered that when you put three triangles into the password line, the lines tripled and it became a SUPER password, although I don’t remember the infuriating part where that game only saves when it feels like it.

Crash Bandicoot Warped.

I watched “A Bug’s Life” tonight as well. I remember all the things that scared me in the film and how I felt when I saw certain bits. I also picked up on things that never registered with me as a child, probably because I wasn’t as exposed to the world. Thumper (the crazy grasshopper that looks like he’s on drugs) always terrified me. But also, I had never realised how much he beats up Flik. He’s completely covered in bruises and he almost gets stomped to death. Fairly brutal stuff for Pixar. Also, Hopper is eaten alive by chicks, which he deserves but when you really reflect on it…again it’s pretty gruesome for Pixar. It’s funny looking on childhood memories with adult eyes I think because clearly some can transport you straight back and others can remind you but you still see it with adult eyes as well as remembering with child eyes.


3 thoughts on “Childhood nostalgia

  1. Hi Jenny, I share your nostalgia for childhood games – particularly Crash Bandicoot! I was also reminded of Crazy Taxi the other day…I wasted way too much time playing that! I see that you’re an editor at DCU’s newspaper. Hopefully I will be studying International Journalism (MA) in DCU in September. I’m subscribing to your blog – looking forward to reading more of your posts! Danielle 🙂

  2. Thank you Danielle 🙂 Sorry it’s been a while, been a bit swamped lately. But I’m going to post more frequently now. PS I was never a fan of Crazy Taxi (I’ll admit though only because I was beyond crap at it).
    Hopefully see you in DCU in September.

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