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Out of touch

When I do stay in touch, I buy newspapers.

I’m always ashamed of myself as a journalist when I’m out of touch with the news for several days. It feels like not doing my homework. For years I wanted to be a writer (an author not a journalist). Journalism never appealed to me much because straight hard news never appealed to me. The territory was alien and therefore scary, (in this instance, yes, writing a best-selling novel overnight and instantly making that a day job seemed so much less scary). But then I grew up, got into news and then journalism (a story for another time) and boom-I stay up late when I’m knackered to watch Vincent Browne, I switch my mp3 music to Newstalk in the morning, I take a free Metro and actually read it. That was grand when I was working towards my leaving cert, for the most part I was much more “in the know” than a lot of my friends. Then when I came to college to study journalism, we all fell into that category and some of us knew very little about one thing but could answer the most random question about something else (this became more clear in our radio classes, where we got a weekly news quiz to make sure we remained “in the know”). Don’t get me wrong, I try to catch bulletins whenever I can and I read the papers. But everyone has this I think. These random weekends where they’re off doing other things and they don’t hear any bulletins, they don’t watch any news programmes, they don’t read any papers. Then you wake up and Monday morning and Osama bin Laden is

Osama bin Laden

dead. The weekend continues during the day and the next day, five arrested near Sellafield, Osama was unarmed when he was killed (?), Varadkar is on Vincent Browne about his new position in government and Jedward are in the Eurovision semi-final. A lot can change in a small amount of time that you miss news for…I feel like I’m going to be spending the whole week catching up. It’s like a particularly wild night out full of drinking. It wasn’t bad at the time, certainly weren’t concerned but the next day you know nothing and could spend a week recovering and getting back the information about the weekend that you lost.


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