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And to my right we have…

…Jenny. First year journalism student at DCU. I’m the features editor of the DCU¬†newspaper, The College View. I attempted a blog a few years ago, I was very excited about it. I guess I¬†thought my “oh so wise” thoughts on secondary school would become well-known overnight. I had two chances of that with the motivation of a sloth, I did three posts. It lies in cyberspace now, neglected and untouched (www.yourhomeworkis.wordpress.com). So now that I’m a year into my journalism degree and have gotten a handle on doing things and not being lazy, I figure I’d try my hand at a second blog. I haven’t got a set topic apart from my own musings, it might develop into a trend but for now, whatever I think deserves a good writing about will go up here. I think I’ll do one every two weeks and see how I go. Feel free to comment and talk to me if you have anything to say (especially about that dire attempt at a blog I once made.)


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